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Oracle Policy Automation (OPA) is an end-to-end solution for capturing, managing and maintaining complex questionnaires along with other document-based policies across channels and processes.

Is Oracle Policy Automation a Good Fit for Your Organization?

Determining whether Oracle Policy Automation is a good fit is always a case-by-case assessment. Oracle Policy Automation is designed as a specialized decision-making platform. While it provides the benefits of a traditional technical rules platform, it is optimized to implement complex policy logic that drives decision making and calculations.

When should Oracle Policy Automation be considered?

From a general perspective, Oracle Policy Automation is well-suited to:

  • Complex determinations, decisions, recommendations, and calculations, especially if the source material includes legislation, regulations or policy.
  • Online advice and guidance tools, where an organization wants to deploy advice-giving questionnaires very rapidly, and where different users should see different questions based on their circumstances.

Oracle Policy Automation is likely to be a good fit where there are clear determinations to be made based on pre-determined rules. If the key goals can be expressed in the following ways, then Oracle Policy Automation is likely to be an excellent fit:

  • Is the person eligible for, entitled to, liable for, required to…?
  • What is the amount of benefit, compensation, tax, payment, discount…?
  • How do I report/claim/return/file/onboard…?
  • Which is the best product for the person?

Where can Oracle Policy Automation help?

  • Inconsistent and expensive interactions with customers
  • Problems with compliance
  • Difficulty implementing policy
  • Modernization of existing IT systems
  • Lack of business/policy stakeholder involvement
  • High cost of solution customization
  • Lack of rapid and incremental return on investment
  • Poorly designed legislation or policy


  • Financial Services
  • Insurance
  • Higher Education
  • Healthcare
  • Transportation
  • Utilities
  • Human Resources and ERP
  • Public Sector

Oracle Service Cloud

Policy Automation Overview

Oracle Service Cloud Policy Automation enables organizations in all industries to automate service processes, policies, rules and regulations to provide superior customer experiences across all channels


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