Ready2 Restaurant Solution

Ready2 is an accelerator built on the foundation of Oracle Service Cloud

Oracle Service Cloud is a CRM tool that improves customer service and daily operations through the use of its service request management, knowledgebase, and customer portal. Ready2 enhances the Oracle Service Cloud CRM tool allowing for better purpose-built insight into daily activities through industry-specific analytics, a 360-view of all customer interactions with automatic routing of incoming correspondence, and a searchable, self-learning knowledgebase.

As labor, operations, and food safety compliance issues become more complex, restaurants need to lean on technology to improve efficiency. If your restaurant has goals such as reducing overall cost and enhancing guest experience, Ready2 is the perfect, cost-effective solution for you and is compatible with any device.

Ready2 Features

Capture the voice of your customer

  • View all individual customer interactions
  • Automatically send customer feedback to the appropriate team

Increase visibility and provide real-time insight into customer feedback

  • Wow! your customers with prompt responses to their questions
  • Better understand why your customers are submitting feedback

Do more with less

  • Empower managers and customers with knowledge at their fingertips
  • Consistently provide great customer experience with easily accessible and centrally located management tools

Improve Customer Experience

  • Keep your customers coming back for more by making it easy to communicate with you.
  • Give your customers the ability to provide feedback directly to your restaurant, so their concerns can be promptly addressed.
  • Spot trends quickly and make sure all feedback has been responded to with Ready2’s built-in reporting capabilities.

Shorten the training cycle

  • With high employee turnover, reduce the cost of training and empower new employees with the information they need.
  • The embedded knowledge base of Ready2 provides answers so your team will know how, why, where, and when actions need to be taken.

No more paper records

  • Instead of buying, lugging around and finding storage for your paper records, Ready2 gives you the capability to track compliance and daily routines easily from any smart device.
  • Powerful reporting allows you to spot trends and view historical information, which ultimately helps you make proactive decisions.




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