Take Your Genesys Platform to the Next Level with Advanced Analytics

Our presenter, Stuart Geros, (Chief Product Officer of Prophecy International), will show you how Advanced Analytics can take your Genesys Contact Center investment to the next level.

Advanced Analytics for Genesys is a platform developed by eMite (a subsidiary of Prophecy International) to specifically help Contact Centers improve the delivery of their services. Through a combination of pre-built interfaces to Genesys data sources, a correlation engine to disseminate your data and a suite of dynamic reports and dashboards, eMite customers are constantly improving the quality of the services they deliver to their end users.

During this Queued IN event, you will learn how eMite can help you:

Automate your Manual Reports
View real time stats of your Genesys environment every few seconds.

See Real Time Status
No more guesswork on your agents’ workload and balance. By combining wait times with queue stats and agent stats, you can view real time sub second stats of your Genesys environment on a wallboard in the contact center or personalized view of dashboards.

View Historical Analysis
Easily view and drill down into customer interaction trends by week, month, or year.

Share with your Management
Provide upper management with controlled visibility of the entire customer experience. Share the reports they want via their own login. At any point in time, they get what they need – allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Build your Own
If there is a report you need that eMite doesn’t have, then you have the power to simply build your own. Two online training sessions turns you into an eMite reporting guru. Create your own KPI’s and build your own reports in minutes. No more waiting for someone else.

Want to incentivize your team? Our gamification dashboard samples helps you take the stress from agents while promoting healthy competition and helping your team succeed.

Integrate and Correlate Data with your CRM / Service Desk and More
eMite has adapters already built that allow your information from other 3rd party tools to be cross correlated and aggregated from SalesForce, Oracle, Verint, SQL, Excel, ServiceNow, homegrown systems and more.

About our presenter

Stuart Geros is the Chief Product Officer (CPO) of Prophecy International – a global company publicly traded and headquartered in Sydney, Australia. Stuart started eMite with his brother in January 2003. They eventually sold the company to Prophecy International and shortly thereafter Stuart became the CPO of Prophecy.

Today, Stuart is responsible for managing the product direction of Prophecy’s solutions (Dashboarding and Security) and creating a platform for its customers that enables them to make better decisions faster.

About our presenter

Established in 2006, eMite is an Australian company founded by brothers who share an extraordinary depth of experience and expertise in Information Technology Consulting. Their vision was to develop a solution to help organizations monitor, measure, diagnose and improve performance, despite the deeply entrenched data and cultural silos that often exist.

Because of this vision, eMite remains independent from any specific underlying technology. It can onboard data from any process or system, adapt to any organizational model, and visualize the entire business, IT and contact center landscape; yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

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