Omnichannel and Islands of Data in Your Contact Center

Are you feeling the pressure from the ever-increasing demands of providing an omnichannel customer experience?

The number of communication channels provided by the typical contact center is staggering and the pressure to add even more is mounting. If you can relate, you won’t want to miss this webinar. Our guest speaker, Rick McGlinchey, has 23 years of experience in contact centers and enterprise software and understands the omnichannel challenges you are up against. In his presentation, Rick marries real-life learning experiences with decades of industry expertise.

Here are a few critical questions he addresses during his presentation:

  1. What path can your contact center take when adding new channels to help you sidestep common pitfalls?
  2. How should your contact center approach adding a new channel such as SMS or social?
  3. What are the important highlights of the history of omnichannel and how are some of the historic mistakes repeating themselves today?

About our Speaker

rick-McglincheyRick McGlinchey is a Management Consultant with 23 years experience in Contact Center and Enterprise Software. He helps organizations small and large improve their customer experience including companies like Eli Lilly, Cardinal Health, Abbott Labs, JPMorganChase, and Ceridian. He also provides C-level Advisory and Program Management for The Hard Things, especially if you need someone “who doesn’t have a dog in the race.”

You can reach him through CPI or via LinkedIn 

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