Use Case

Navigation Assistance Using Cobrowse


Have you ever gotten lost in a website, not knowing where to go, how to complete a purchase or how to sign up for a membership? Imagine how visitors to your website feel. What if you could give them much-needed support immediately?


With Cobrowse, a visitor can share their screen with a customer care professional (CCP). By seeing the visitor’s screen, the CCP can assist the visitor quickly and seamlessly using the mouse arrow to highlight elements, navigate menus and provide best-in-class service through a user-friendly interface.


Cobrowse is a collaborative tool that allows a two-way connection between a visitor on your website and your customer care professional (CCP). Cobrowse allows brands to virtually hold a visitor’s hand through any challenging situations they encounter on the website, from looking for items and additional information to filling out forms or completing a transaction. An agent can control the visitor’s browser, help with navigation and collaborate with visitors in real time.