By: Norman Seto On: March 20, 2019 In: Contact Center Comments: 0

Today your prospects visiting your website are well informed and expect to have things with urgency and convenience in mind. Many are already educated on your offerings which means that there’s a high likelihood of many site visitors being in buying mode upon entry – aka Hot Leads! Your spend on driving volume to your site is significant. It’s time to consider how well you’re positioned to “contain and convert” those leads in real time. You’ll find success here by leveraging a chat channel for live agents to engage every opportunity that presents itself.

With that said, you’ll want to consider a few things during your integration of Chat on your website.  This would apply to anyone considering adding Chat but could also benefit those who’ve already integrated this communication channel.

Here are a few things to think about to help position yourself for success:

Your website

  • Ensure your website has an easy-to-navigate menu. Offer categorized options. If you offer contact options in a drop-down menu, be sure to include your chat link as well. It’s not recommended to bury the chat CTA (call to action) within a navigation menu but doing so will at least provide consistency.
  • Have every page filled with rich content that has depth and clarity. This will impress upon visitors that you have a deep knowledge of the service or solution they’re exploring.
  • Avoid clutter. Make sure your website has visual appeal that lines up with the colors and overall image that matches your business’ brand and personality.

Doing this can increase the trustworthiness of your site, increase the likelihood of repeat visits, keep visitors longer on your site to increase chances to influence a sale, and build a reputation as an expert in the service and product within your niche.

Your Chat Presence

  • Your chat buttons should be customized and be cohesive with the site (matching colors, size etc.).
  • Customize engagements to speak directly to the needs and desires of the visitor depending on what service/product and section of the website they’re on. You can customize your Chat button CTA’s (call to action) to be product or service specific. Further leverage a customized message in an active chat window to further speak to the customer’s need. For example, your Chat invitation can state “I see that you’re looking at (service or product), chat with our resident (service or product) expert to answer any questions you might have.”

Your Chat CTA Type and Placement

  • Choose the right Chat button type and think of the proper placement of your call to action that will have ease of visibility.
  • Use “Reactive Chat” type engagement buttons targeting general visitors. The Chat button should either be a sticky button (remains in a defined area of the page as the visitor scrolls), embedded above the fold, and below the fold/footer. Good visibility for general site traffic.
  • Placement of your Reactive Chat Buttons should be visible yet unintrusive and not block content. Tip: Do not bury it within a drop down option of a navigation menu.
  • Use “Pro-active Chat” type to be strategic and engage visitors who are deeper in the funnel. Think of a target audience, when you want to engage them and the site visitor behavior that will qualify them as a hot lead. An example is targeting visitors on the final step of your check out flow, sitting on the page for over 3 minutes and have a total cart value of over $500.

These optimizations increase your ability to contain visitors on your site, but at the same time influencing their decision to do business with you directly.

Now that we’ve covered ways that will help contain your visitors, let’s talk about conversions!

Contact Center Professionals and your Conversions

Chat sales happen in real time, and some customers come back at a later date after chatting and convert.  Either way, it’s the result of capturing opportunity in the moment through Live Chat. With this channel, you can Invite, engage, influence and convert. This flow is not something other lead generation methods can guarantee. The Human Touch through Chat gives your site this advantage. With that said, the question is, “Who fuels this engine? You guessed it, your chat agents. They play a pivotal role in your success. Keep in mind that they are also critical in maintaining the image of your brand. There are a number of considerations when hiring or training your chat agents. I’ve provided a few important things to keep in mind.

  • Sales: Do your agents have a sales background and proven sales ability?
  • Service: Having experience in a support role will be important. Agents should be able to show empathy, patience, understanding and have good product knowledge.
  • Efficiency: Chat sales agents should be able to have good typing skills, chat etiquette, and know how to control a conversation from start to finish.

Feel free to reach out if you’re exploring ways to give your site a pulse and want to optimize your ability to contain and convert online!