By: Dave Clark On: September 19, 2019 In: Genesys, Interactive Intelligence, PureConnect Comments: 0

Support for Nuance Vocalizer 5.x (Text to Speech Engine) and Nuance Recognizer 9.x (Automated Speech Recognition) ended on the Genesys PureConnect (CIC) platform for Version 2018 R1 and newer.

This comes with both good and bad news. First the bad news, Recognizer 9 licenses are not compatible with newer versions of recognizer and will require a licensing upgrade. The good news is that Vocalizer 6.0 does work with your existing 5.0 licenses. The Vocalizer software just simply needs to be upgraded. Also in the good news category is that Vocalizer 6 is very much supported on the latest PureConnect releases (which is 2019 R2 as of this writing).

If you are not on the current releases the existing releases will continue to work on versions up through PureConnect 2017 R4 but official support is deprecated on 2018 and beyond. You should consider upgrading your TTS and ASR engines when upgrading to a new release of PureConnect.

If you have questions or need help upgrading to a new release of PureConnect, please reach out. We’re here to help!