By: Jimi Vorhees On: January 30, 2018 In: Avaya Comments: 0

I follow the security rule of not writing down my passwords, but I have so many that now and then I forget one.  If you find you can’t remember your Avaya IP Office personal voicemail password, here’s how to change it (have your system administrator follow the steps below).

1.  Login to your IP Office Manager and select User

2.  Select a user

3.  Click the Voicemail Tab

4.  Enter a new password in the Voicemail Code field

5.  Reenter the new password in Confirm Voicemail Code field

6.  Click okay at the bottom right

7.  Click Save Button on the top left (This will open the Save Configuration window)

8.  Make sure Merge is selected under the Save Configuration window

9.  Click OK

10.  Enter admin password in the Service User login

11.  Click OK

Hope this was helpful! Let us know if we can support you or your Avaya IP Office system with anything else.