By: Chris Laughlin On: March 16, 2017 In: Interactive Intelligence, Queued IN Comments: 0

The acquisition of Interactive Intelligence by Genesys is in full swing and together they have done a great job of hitting the ground running. As a former Interactive partner and now a Genesys partner, I see firsthand the individual strengths, go-to market strategy, and product development that will help us with our existing customers and provide platforms that will benefit any customer who views Customer Experience as a key differentiator.

The area I want to cover in this specific post is the “Go-to Market”.  Genesys has a term called taxonomy and they will continue to leverage this with the Interactive platforms, PureCloud and PureConnect. So what the heck is this taxonomy?

They break it down into three areas: Customer Engagement, Employee Engagement, and Business Optimization. All of their solutions are built and provided around these three areas. These solutions are built to provide and solve specific business problems. Trends in the marketplace suggest that it is time for change; time to build exceptional relationships by breaking down silos with a life cycle platform that is effortless. So let’s dig a little deeper in these three areas.

Customer Engagement: The journey of the customer’s buying effort has changed, and experts say that our customers are much more educated once they reach out to us to buy. They have tools that allow them to do their research first, and by then, about 60% of their decision is complete. So for Genesys, Customer Engagement includes Digital, Inbound, Outbound and Self-Service of all customer communication channels.

Employee Engagement:  This is what they call allowing your engagement center agents to be the CEO of that customer request. The concept is that you provide your front-line people who interact with your customers the right tools to answer any request.  This is most commonly known as first-call or first-contact resolution. Employee Engagement includes workforce optimization (WFO), Omni-Channel, and desktop for both the agent and supervisor.

Business Optimization: Today, most Customer Engagement Centers are built with best-of-breed technologies. We see the digital team leveraging tools that don’t complement the Contact Center which is not bad as both teams are very likely measured differently. Digital is more likely measured by new revenue, and the contact center is usually measured by reduced cost. This is one of those items that could create a situation where one plus one could equal three for many customers. Business Optimization includes workload management, Analytics (historic, real-time and predictive), and platform Integrations.

Taxonomy is the ease of customer and employee engagement to create business optimization. If you have any questions on how you can leverage “Genesys Taxonomy,” please reach out or leave your questions in the comment section below.

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