Is it worthwhile to keep your PureConnect systems patched or should you wait for the next release? The answer is a nuanced one.

Patches provide software fixes to PureConnect (CIC) servers and clients for the six most recent releases. For example, CIC 2017 R3 released on April 17, 2017. That means that patches are still being produced for CIC 2016 R2 on a monthly basis. Patches address reliability and security issues that other customers and testing have uncovered.

Releases provide functionality enhancements. Examples would include browser support for newer versions of Chrome or Firefox with the Interaction Connect web client or support for the latest Polycom VVX family of phones.

Patching still requires applying the .MSP files to Media Servers, CIC servers, ancillary servers such as Interaction Connect and all Interaction Desktop clients. Thus, there is still a time commitment involved, but considerably less than a full release upgrade.

Here’s an abbreviated list of pros (there are many more I could share!):

  • Patching is shorter
  • Patching is generally safer
  • Patching can alleviate issues
  • Patching is still necessary after applying a release
  • No enhancements

And the reciprocal list of cons:

  • Still a time commitment
  • Patching is still necessary after applying a release
  • No enhancements

Patching is like the maintenance with any good relationship. There is value in putting in effort to keep your servers and clients secure and reliable. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. I’d be happy to help.