By: Gavin Waggoner On: December 27, 2017 In: Genesys, Interactive Intelligence, PureConnect Comments: 0

PureConnect 2018 R1 was released on October 31, 2017. In addition to other improvements, features were also added to Interaction Connect (the recommended PureConnect Client moving forward) and the internal Speech Recognition and Text To Speech components offered in PureConnect. In this post, I’ll focus specifically on Interaction Connect and Speech improvements along with a mention of SMS (text).

Interaction Text To Speech (ITTS)

PureConnect does indeed include an internal TTS engine and could be a cost effective alternative to third party solutions depending on your actual use case. The following improvements were made in this release:

1.  Treatment of non-native characters in ITTS. This improvement addresses how a computer might interpret a value in a statement. Consider the following excerpt from our website (

 Over 120,000 business professionals around the world rely on CPI to power
their connections, so they can engage, collaborate and take care of their customers

Specific to the numeric component, a computer might interpret this as one-two-zero (pause) zero-zero-zero. Obviously this in not how a human would articulate the figure making this improvement fairly obvious.

2. Treatment of dates in ITTS. Similar to the above, this improvement addresses how a computer might interpret the date in the following statement:

    Cliff Arellano started CPI 5/16 in 1983

This could be interpreted as five sixteenths in one thousand nine hundred eighty three rather than May sixteenth in 1983 illustrating the improvement.

Interaction Speech Recognition (ISR)

PureConnect also includes an internal Speech Recognition engine which again may be an appropriate alternative to third party solutions given the appropriate use case. This improvement addresses the accuracy of confidence scoring for short phrases in the following languages:

  •  Australian English (en-AU)
  • Canadian French (fr-CA)
  • German (de-DE)
  • Spanish (es-ES)
  • Italian (it-IT)
  • Japanese (ja-JP)
  • Dutch (nl-NL)
  • Portuguese (pt-BR)

Interaction Connect Ring Sounds

This improvement facilitates distinctive ring sounds for new interactions such as calls, callbacks, chats, emails, and other interaction types. These are MP3 files that can be selected for various interactions and even be set up to distinguish between monitored appearances. Remember that you will need the Customize Client security right to take advantage of this capability.

Interaction Connect Personal Prompts

This improvement allows for personal prompts to be recorded and heard by those people who call you. These prompts can be different based upon your status. For example, Available or At Lunch or At a Training Session etc. You’ll likely want to be in a non-ACD status when working with these prompts to avoid being interrupted. Again, the Customize Client security right is required for this feature.

New SMS Brokers

Genesys and Nexmo are now brokers supported by default removing the need to perform any broker integration work. These brokers support inbound and outbound SMS as well as delivery receipts. Further, Genesys SMS supports receiving all domestic and international inbound SMS and outbound SMS in the US and Canada only at this time (other country support is anticipated in 2018).

These are just some of the enhancements included in PureConnect 2018 R1. To learn more about these and other improvements, contact us today!