By: Christy Green On: April 16, 2013 In: CPI Comments: 0

CPI recently held a ribbon cutting ceremony to unveil a new state-of-the-art conference/demo/training facility at its corporate headquarters in Indianapolis. Michael Hylton, Membership Manager of the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce, and Mike Dickman, Senior Vice President of Construction at CitiMark were in attendance.

New technology is often an abstract idea, so our goal is to be able to let our customers try our technology solutions we’re proposing and see the impact it will have at their organizations, before they have to buy it.

“We wanted to be able to tailor a customer demo to their environment and not confuse or clutter the demo with all the capabilities of our various technologies.  We want the customer to drive the demo with their expectations and see the improvements our technologies will make at their business.  Even be able to make changes right there at the demo,” said Cliff Arellano, CPI President and Owner.

Our new facility includes working demos of all our products, including Avaya, Interactive IntelligenceRightNow and Cisco, that can be tailored specifically to the solutions our customers are evaluating.

Chris Dellen, Director of Marketing, said “We believe this investment in technology sets us aside from our competitors and our vendors have agreed! Several vendors have said that CPI’s capability to showcase their solutions is the best they have ever seen. In fact, a sales rep from a company in San Francisco said they have a similar facility but it can only be used for deals over $1 million and there’s a two month lead time to book it. Our goal is to make it possible for all types of organizations (big & small) to be able to see the business impact that today’s Contact Center and Unified Communications technologies can make for their company.

CPI’s architect, Thomas Strayer, RA, principal of Quantum Architecture said, “It was a great opportunity to help turn a basic conference room into a marketing tool. The goal was to provide a space that feels comfortable to a wide range of customers, without feeling overdone.  It is a transitional design that blends the more traditional wood and stone, with contemporary stainless steel.

We’ve hosted multiple demos since we’ve opened our new facility and we’re already finding it helping customers make more informed and faster buying decisions since they get a clear understanding of the business impact the technology will have for them.

If you are interested in visiting CPI’s demo facility, schedule a visit today – 800.999.0197 or