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CPI enabled the SBHC contact center to provide extraordinary service to Super Bowl fans from around the globe.

CPI was honored to be on the team with the SBHC Control Center to ensure that the fans could get quick and easy access to all of the resources that Indianapolis had to offer.

CPI Powers Super Bowl Host Committee Host Committee Contact CenteImagine coming to a new city with thousands of enthusiastic football fans but you don’t know where to find parking, what time the zip line starts, or the best Italian restaurant in town. Then, you spot a friendly Hoosier volunteer wearing a handmade blue and white scarf waiting to answer any question that you might have. In just a few minutes, they have answered your question and you are on your way. Now that is Super Service!

Football fans from Boston, New York and around the world were treated to Hoosier Hospitality in a unique way. Over 8,000 dedicated and knowledgeable volunteers gave NFL fans directions and advice to help make their stay truly memorable. If a fan had a unique or complex issue, the volunteer could connect back to the 2012 Indianapolis Super Bowl Host Committee Control Room.

The control center had “quarterbacks” (call center supervisors) and “wide receivers” (call center agents) that could answer questions or connect callers to “special teams” such as Operations, Super Bowl Village or VIP services. These teammates had special access to numerous information portals to find answers quickly or route the call to someone who could help.

To develop the communication technology at the control center, the SBHC turned to Indiana-based Communications Products, Inc. (CPI). CPI completely designed and supported the Control and Volunteer contact centers to be able to handle the significant call volume generated by the world renowned event. CPI was also responsible for supporting the AVAYA communication systems at Lucas Oil Stadium and Indianapolis Convention Center where the Super Bowl and NFL Experience were being held.

With the help of CPI, the SBHC increased the number of Fan and Volunteer calls the system could handle. Using the AVAYA Intelligent Contact Center system, CPI customized call flows for volunteers and fans that were on hold or in queue. The SBHC even personalized the fan experience every day with professional recordings that reflected that day’s events.

“It was comforting to know our communications systems were robust enough to handle call volumes well beyond what we expected to receive. It was a great help to our fans and visitors to Indianapolis. We appreciated the super service we received from CPI.”

Allison Melangton,
Super Bowl XLVI Host Committee CEO

Using technology from AVAYA, CPI customized the system to allow control and flexibility to meet the demands of fans. Real time and historical reporting allowed the Control Center Co-Chairs to make sure there were enough volunteers to provide extremely fast service to fans from around the globe. Using the tools at their disposal, callers received resolution in an average of two minutes and forty seconds.