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Presence: Know the availability of your Colleagues

Presence information is an easy way to instantly see if you colleagues are on the phone, in a meeting, out-to-lunch, etc. Presence information can even tell you what type of communication is most convenient for your colleagues to receive.

Presence even has automation built in. For example: if you don’t touch your keyboard, or mouse for a specified time, you presence will be automatically changed to “away.” Presence also has integration with Microsoft Exchange Calendaring and will automatically update your status if you are “in a meeting.” If presence is integrated with you VoIP telephony system, it will show additional state information such as “on the phone.” etc.

Understanding how and when to communicate enables easy and efficient collaboration with your colleagues. The overall affect on operational efficiency is astounding. Not to mention the direct impact on customer satisfaction.

Find Me / Follow Me: One phone number, period.

Instead of making people guess which of your 6 different numbers to call. Give them one. If you aren’t at your desk, that’s ok, the system will automatically ring your cell phone, home phone, or whatever number you want it too. If for some reason you just aren’t available, the system will direct the caller to your corporate voicemail, which will then be emailed to you. You can play the message right from your inbox.

The advantages:

    • All calls find you wherever you are.
    • All voicemails go to one place.

Did the caller have a specific question that you need assistance answering? Instead of spending your valuable time transcribing the caller’s question, just forward the voicemail like you would any other email to your colleagues...


Guess what, that same phone number works as your fax number too. The system automatically recognizes that the incoming call is a fax, your phone doesn’t ring. The fax is automatically emailed to you as an attachment. Distributing the fax to your colleagues is a simple as forwarding an email.

Are you tired of waiting for your fax to actually be delivered to your desk?

How many times have you had to ask others in you office if they had seen a fax come in for you?

Instant Messaging: More immediate communication

Instant Messaging (IM) is the capability to send and receive text messages in real time over the internet or corporate network. It is an extremely efficient way to communicate. No more long email strings. You can even IM multiple people simultaneously. If that’s not enough, it just takes a second to escalate to an audio, web, or video conference.

IM technology has been around for years (AOL, Yahoo, MSN, etc.) but organizations have faced challenges rolling IM out to business users. Legal, compliance, and security threats are the primary reasons. The good news is that we have solutions that incorporate the most sophisticated security built right into your complete Unified Communications solution, including Instant Messaging.


Mobile devices can also be integrated into the Unified Communication system. Enabling users to be able to update their presence status, instant message, or email on the go.

You are also able to use your laptop to access the network and its resources from anywhere, without boundaries. Home-based and traveling employees can enjoy all the productivity advantages as their office-based colleagues.

Audio, Web and Video Conferencing: Cost and Time Savings

Travel costs are sky-rocketing. Conference rooms are continually booked. Workplace collaboration is encouraged, but difficult to make a reality.

Using audio, web, and video conferencing tools enables your employees to work together as a team without geographic boundaries. Forrester reports that “60% of workers surveyed indicated that they could save from 1 to 5 hours per week using real-time conferencing” Point and click conferences enabled by Unified Communications can be launched almost instantly. Combined with presence information, users know when everyone is available for the conference.

Pulling the right people together instantly, working together collaboratively, from any place in the world. With Unified Communications, all it takes is the click of your mouse.

According to Nemertes Research:

"Unified Communications has the potential to dramatically simplify and improve enterprise communications, reducing costs and improving revenue opportunities. By integrating various forms of communications, such as voice, video, instant messaging, conferencing, presence and voicemail, individuals and groups can more effectively control and manage their inbound and outbound communications sessions. Enterprises further stand to benefit from communications-enabled business processes, whereby the integration of communication services with enterprise business applications and processes lets business intelligence and presence awareness drive communications session management. IT decision-makers must understand various vendor approaches to delivering solutions, and should integrate communications and collaboration planning functions to take advantage of the opportunities afforded by unified communications."

Do you want Unified Communications?

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