Unified Communications

Transform the way your organization communicates and collaborates

Today’s average information worker gets 51 different messages a day in up to 7 different places (voicemail, fax, email, cell, social media, instant message, etc). The organizational cost of this inefficiency is enormous, not to mention its effect on customer loyalty. CPI offers solutions that transform the way organizations communicate and collaborate.

Just look at your business card. Office #, toll free #, cell #, fax #, home #, email address, business address. Oh, we forgot to look at the back of the card, one side isn’t enough these days. We have to print on both sides to show our clients and colleagues how easy it is to reach us.


John, one of your hot prospects decides that he wants additional information on the product you are desperately trying to sell. After rummaging through all the junk on his desk, he finally uncovers your business card. Which of the six options will he choose to contact you?

10:49 A.M

The game begins. Which number to call... He decides to begin his quest by dialing your cell phone, you are in a meeting and don’t answer. He decides to leave a voicemail. After about an hour, your prospect is wondering if you received the message.

12:27 P.M.

The quest continues, your prospect decides to call the toll free #. The secretary answers the phone but doesn’t have a clue that you stepped out to lunch. The next thing the office hears blaring over the paging system, JOHN - YOU HAVE CALL ON LINE 1 !!!. Only to have one of your colleagues yell back: HE’S GONE. The secretary asks the prospect if he wants to be transferred to voicemail... He leaves another message.

1:04 P.M.

Another hour goes by. He decides to send an email. At this point he’s beginning to wonder how amazing your product really is.

1:16 P.M.

You make it back from lunch. The secretary tells you that some guy by the name of John called. You check your cellphone voicemail and listen to John’s message. Then you listen to your office voicemail, John’s there too. You look up at your computer only to find an email from John glaring you in the face.

1:29 P.M.

Finally you call John back. Hopefully, his business card isn’t as full as yours. 

How Many Numbers do you have on your card?