Data Networking Solutions

Consultation, design, development and implementation services

CPI has extensive experience in both Local Area Networks (LANs) and large multi-site/multi-department Wide Area Networks (WANs). We offer a full range of help desk services: consultation, design, development and implementation services to meet our customer’s most demanding requirements.

We provide new-world networking with multi-service and convergence technologies. Multi-service networking is the integrated support of voice, data, fax, and video over existing data networks. Telephony solutions demonstrate how this technology can aide in achieving immediate cost savings. Not to mention an increased quality of service for the customer.

CPI has created customized programs that have the ability to remotely upgrade router images, trigger alarms based on configured threshold values, gather bandwidth utilization, and capture router performance statistics.

We also offer full PC and server integration services, including joining development of master image disks for data blasting, allowing an activity to implement standard desktop and laptop environments.

With expertise in all aspects of your communication environment, CPI is able to efficiently and effectively find solutions to all of our customer’s needs.


CPI Services has a long history of providing Network security in classified and unclassified DoD Networks.

    • Examples include:
    • Large scale VPN deployments 
    • Risk assessments 
    • Writing security policies 
    • Firewall systems 
    • Intrusion detection systems 
    • Maintenance and support

Cisco Systems Network Engineering Services

CPI provides full pre and post-sales engineering support for Cisco Systems products and solutions. As a Premier Cisco Systems Partner, we provide network engineering services which include: 

    • Network Design 
    • Migration Planning 
    • Product Procurement 
    • Installation 
    • Configuration 
    • Optimization 
    • Maintenance

Microsoft Systems Engineering Services

As a Microsoft certified solution provider, CPI offers services in the following areas: 

    • Help Desk & Network Administration 
    • Enterprise Network Operation System (NOS) 
    • Email design and implementation 
    • Email migration and administration 
    • Network Capacity Planning 
    • Network Disaster Recovery Planning 
    • Security