Business Phone Systems

Communications solutions engineered specifically for your organization's Success

A phone isn’t just a phone anymore...
It wasn’t very many years ago that a phone was the main communication tool for businesses. If you were fortunate enough to have voicemail, you were considered on technology’s cutting edge. Obviously, we’ve evolved. The way businesses communicate today has not only become exponentially more powerful but more complex as well. The challenge to reaping the reward of all of this innovation is successfully integrating the right communication technologies into your organization.

How does CPI design communication solutions for your organization?
CPI’s business communication consultants spend considerable time learning about your business, what you do, and how you do it. Then, we apply our decades of communication technology know-how to the way your specific business works. The result is a carefully engineered communication solution that takes advantage of the latest communication technology innovations.

CPI engineered, implemented, and now supports the communication solutions of over 120,000 business professionals in 23 states, including the United States Department of Defense and Lucas Oil Stadium (home of the 2012 Super Bowl). CPI has also installed and tested over 15.6 million feet of structured cabling. With a staff of seasoned experts, CPI has the experience to deliver the most innovative communication solutions for Government institutions, enterprises, small businesses and contact centers.

The Technologies Behind our Solutions:
CPI has carefully selected a portfolio of innovative technology partners who are shaping the next generation of communications solutions. By maintaining long-term partnerships with them (that spans decades), CPI has developed extraordinary engineers who have in-depth understanding of the solutions and know how to customize them to the unique needs of your organization.