RightNow Web Self-Service

Improve customer experience and drive down costs... at the same time.

Are you facing rising email and call volumes? Tasked with improving the customer experience while driving down costs? Consider web self-service. One of our customers, iRobot, achieves a 97 percent web selfservice rate—meaning that their customers are almost always able to find answers to their questions without the need to talk to an agent. Not only does this lower costs to iRobot, it also provides a quick, hassle-free customer experience 24/7.

Service is the Brand
A reputation for excellent customer service differentiates your brand and drives revenue. RightNow can help transform your online self-service into a highly interactive, branded customer experience. RightNow Web Self-Service pushes relevant knowledge out to where your customers need it, and harnesses external Web 2.0 knowledge assets that your customers are using to make decisions.

Start with Customer Portal
At the core of RightNow Web Self-Service is the Customer Portal, which delivers out-of-the-box best practices for web self-service. You start with a standard template and set of widgets that you can use, then you use the power of Customer Portal to apply your branding and custom elements to deliver a branded, highly interactive online customer experience.

Self-Service on a SmartPhone
RightNow Web Self-Service template and knowledge foundation also works for devices that can access the mobile web. It leverages the capabilities and interaction patterns of the latest generation of mobile devices, such as touch screens. By using RightNow Web Self-Service, companies can streamline the delivery and maintenance of a customer service site delivered across numerous devices and device types.

Get in Front of Your Customers When They’re Making Decisions
RightNow enables you to “syndicate” the content of your knowledge base to pages beyond the support section of your website, such as your product pages, reseller and partner websites, and commercial search engines like Google and Yahoo. This not only makes information more readily available to your customers, but also improves your search engine optimization (SEO).

Smart Self-Service
Companies that want to deliver great customer experiences need to make their knowledge base content accessible—as well as relevant and fresh. RightNow’s patented approach automatically predicts questions and presents answers. The knowledge base is also accessible through keyword search, browse, and decision tree search. As customers use the knowledge base and submit their questions, new or unique issues are identified and added to the knowledge base for the benefit of other customers and your agents. The answers presented to customers are organized dynamically, based on their usefulness and effectiveness.

The approach automatically ensures the most relevant and timely information is presented first, removing a level of maintenance in the knowledge base. This patented technology is one of the reasons why RightNow has won the Nucleus Research Technology ROI award five consecutive times.


  • Substantial contact center cost reduction
  • Highly effective 24/7 self-service 
  • Optimized visibility into customer issues
  • Improved customer experience

Web Self-Service Features

Customer Portal
A template and set of widgets that allows you to easily create, deploy, and modify a highly interactive, branded online customer experience, including Web 2.0 information assets such as video, Flash demos, and maps.

Any Device

Customer Portal provides interactive customer support across multiple devices, from PCs to smartphones and any device that can access the mobile web.

Guided Assistance
Increases rate of customer self-service by providing an
interactive guide to lead customers to the appropriate answer
or resolution

Intelligent Knowledge Base
Integrated across communication channels and driven by customer interactions. Automatically learns and adapts to ensure content remains accurate and relevant. Knowledge base answers are presented to customers in the form of suggested solutions based on content analysis of the customer’s inquiry.

Provides customers or agents possible solutions to a question or issue based on the current session history or the keywords in an incident’s discussion thread.

Intelligent Auto-Response
Fast, prepared email responses to commonly asked questions, reducing the number of inquiries agents handle.

Google Integration (Sitemap Support)
Search engines like Google and Yahoo can spider your public knowledge base content, enabling customers to find relevant knowledge base answers through search engines.

Syndicated Knowledge Widget
Provide relevant knowledge on any web page at the point your customers have questions—such as product pages, check-out pages or even distributor and reseller sites. The Syndicated Knowledge Widget is context sensitive, so knowledge content is automatically segmented to display only what is appropriate to the web page content and is easily maintained and deployed without hard-coding to seamlessly support dynamic content updates.

Answer Feedback
Allows end-users to provide feedback on answers that don’t completely answer their questions. An incident is then created and can be quickly managed by agents.

Web-Based Administration
Easy-to-use administration tools and web-based interface make ongoing maintenance a snap.

Provide staff members with specific permissions, access, and
approval levels.

Global platform supporting deployment in 33 languages, including Unicode.