RightNow Web Chat

Better Assist Your Online Customers

Your customers appreciate good 24X7 web self-service. But sometimes they need that extra bit of assistance. Make it easy for them.  Chat is a sure-fire way to improve first contact resolution rates and drive customer satisfaction. Chat is also a great way to drive revenue through cross-selling, up-selling, and providing guidance for online purchases.

RightNow Chat Product Capabilities

Real-Time Chat
RightNow Chat enhances the online experience by providing real-time, text-based communication between the agent and customer, as well as agent to agent.  Customers can chat from PCs as well as Smartphones and other web-enabled devices.

Proactive Chat
Chat invitations can be proactively initiated based on built-in rules, such as length of time a customer has spent on a web page, chat agent availability, and estimated wait time. Or you can create custom rules based on specific conditions such as number of items in a shopping cart, clicking on a high value product, or landing on a partner/distributor page. 

Information Access in Queue
RightNow Chat can leverage the knowledge base, allowing customers to search for answers while waiting for an agent. Agents can leverage the knowledge base to search for answers and push those answers to the customer.

Automatic Reconnection
If the consumer’s internet connection is lost during a chat, they are reconnected to the same agent, exactly where the chat left off. If the agent is disconnected, the customer is placed back into the queue without losing any session information.

Chat Wait Time
Customers are kept informed of their place in the queue, the average wait time for the queue, and their individual expected wait time.

Feedback for Chat
Surveys following chat sessions give customers the opportunity to provide immediate feedback.

File Attachments in Chat

  • Customers can send file attachments to the agent during a chat session to provide additional information, resulting in increased first contact resolution. 
  • Attachments will be automatically stored with the chat transcript in the customer’s incident record.
  • Agents can send files to customers by pushing links to the knowledge base article containing the file.

PCI Compliance
Chat allows customers to send sensitive data such as social security or credit card numbers in an “off the record” format that will not be stored in the chat transcript.

Agent Productivity Tools

Multiple Chat Handling
Agents can define and adjust their maximum number of simultaneous chat sessions.

Queue Status
Real-time queue statistics are automatically displayed, including color-coded critical warning levels for each chat session.

Customer History
Prior to initial response, agents can view the complete customer history activity and the knowledge base answers the customer already searched.

Integrated Incident Management
Agents can create an incident from a chat session, or add the chat to an existing incident. 

Consolidated Customer Data
Agents have complete and central access to customer information, which drives productivity and customer satisfaction.

Chat Transfer and Conference

  • Agents can transfer and conference chat sessions, ensuring customers are handled by the most knowledgeable agent. 
  •  “Whisper” conference mode allows agents to have a private dialog with a supervisor or other agent while simultaneously chatting with a customer.

 Integrated Knowledge Base

  • SmartAssistant drives agent productivity by providing suggested answers based upon chat content with a single keystroke. 
  • Agents can also access the knowledge base during a chat to deliver consistent information.

Guided Assistance
Agents can assist customers by following troubleshooting guides that automatically post to the chat transcript.  This ensures a consistent customer experience and improves agent productivity.

Standard Responses
Agent productivity for service and support inquiries is increased with access to standard response templates via single keystroke and hotkeys.

Chat “Push/Pull”
The administrator can enable an agent to be automatically “pushed” a chat or have the agent “pull/request” the next chat.

Opportunity Management

One-Click Opportunity Creation
Enables agents to quickly create and route newly uncovered revenue opportunities to the sales department.

Embedded Offer Advisor
Drives service center revenue by presenting agents with timely and relevant cross- and up-sell offers during chat sessions.

Management Tools


  • Allows public and “whisper” supervisory monitoring of individual chat sessions to ensure quality interactions.
  • Supervisor can join sessions to contribute to a positive customer experience.

Reporting and Analytics

  • Insightful real-time views and trend analysis allow business managers to gauge and improve quality and responsiveness of service operations.
  • Includes pre-defined reports and the ability for business users to easily create custom reports.

Business Rules
Efficiently manage incoming flow by automatically assigning inquiries to the appropriate queue based on product, category, and custom fields.

Support Contracts and Service Level Agreements
Set and measure service expectations for both customers and staff. Features include incident entitlement, privileged access, and response requirements.


Dynamic On Demand Desktop

  • Fully integrated with RightNow Dynamic On Demand Desktop to provide easy drag-and-drop administration. 
  • Seamless integration across all communication channels, so you can deliver a consistently superior customer experience no matter which channel a customer chooses.

Customizable Chat User Interface
You can easily customize the chat user interface to match your corporate brand for consistency.  Different branding themes can be used for different product pages.

Provide staff members with specific permissions, access, and approval levels.

Global platform allows for ease of deployment in 33 languages and dialects