RightNow Intent Guide

Next-Generation Customer Experience

When consumers navigate company websites, they have a specific purpose in mind. But most website experiences miss the mark with unclear click paths and irrelevant information. Customers are forced to wade through a lot of clutter to find what they need, all of it competing for their attention.

With Intent Guide, you have the opportunity to set your business apart—to guide customers directly to what they need, win their loyalty, and meet your sales growth and cost reduction objectives.

A Next-Generation Customer Experience on Your Website

RightNow CX  Intent Guide enables a new way to engage with consumers online, to understand their intent and guide them to high-value interactions. It overlays your website to deliver uniquely personalized, dynamic experiences that give customers what they need while meeting your business objectives.

This powerful solution uses best-in-class natural language search and industry-specific dictionaries to understand the real intent of the customers who visit your website and guide them to high-value interactions.

Intent Guide will help you create a next-generation customer experience that drives sales and conversion rates, increases loyalty, and gives you valuable insights into what your customers want.

Four Ways to Improve Your Web Experience

Intent Guide offers four ways to turn your website into a premium customer experience. These feature overlays can be applied on top of your existing content management and search systems.

Question Matching
Guide consumers quickly and efficiently to highly relevant content by understanding the true intent behind their questions.

Contextual Online Offers
Increase conversion rates by delivering real-time, contextually relevant offers based on the consumer’s intent, the context of the page or the channel.

Web Form Assistant
Decrease abandonment rates and streamline the conversion path by pre-filling form fields with information captured during a website visit.

Virtual Assistant
Create a premium website experience and reduce live assistance costs by providing natural yet automated conversations that connect consumers with the right information at the right time.

Backed by Industry-Leading Expertise

RightNow experts deliver unmatched technical and linguistic guidance to optimize your website experience. Built on a wealth of best practices, our services include brand integration, question matching optimization, industry and locale tuning, linguistic support, managed services, and content analysis.

Key Capabilities

  • Industry-Specific Language Dictionaries
  • Multi-Lingual  Availability
  • Device Flexibility
  • Software-as-a-Service Model
  • Website Campaigns and Promotions
  • SEO Integration
  • Keyword Search
  • Website Crawler
  • Type-Ahead Suggestions
  • Tag Clouds
  • Spell Correction
  • Advanced Reporting
    • Intent Trends
    • Hot Topics
    • Click-Through Metrics
    • SLA Tracking