RightNow Email Management

Track Responses. Automate Answers.

Many organizations today are flooded emails. These are important communications from your customers, but tracking and responding to them can be taxing, straining resource-strapped contact centers and frustrating customers. RightNow Email Management helps you stay ahead. Track responses, automate answers from the knowledge base, escalate highly emotional emails—your agents and your customers will thank you for it.

Inquiry Management

Immediately confirms receipt of inquiry and sets responsetime expectations for customer.

Intelligent Auto-Response
Fast, prepared responses to commonly asked questions, reducing the number of inquiries agents handle.

Auto-Suggested Solutions

  • Incoming inquiry is analyzed and an automated, accurate reply is quickly sent containing links to relevant answers in the knowledge base.  
  • Results in first-touch resolution before it ever enters the agent queue.

Agent Assistance
Assists agents in responding to new or unique issues by automatically suggesting possible answers based on the content of each customer inquiry.

Agent Response
Agent productivity is increased with access to standard response templates and access to the knowledge base.

Business Rules
Efficiently manage incoming email and webform flow by automatically assigning inquiries to the appropriate agent on the basis of content, time, customer type, and even emotional level.

Escalation Rules
Notify managers and trigger follow up to help meet response commitments or provide special handling of priority customers.

Flexibility to receive customer inquiries via email or webforms.

Support Contracts and Service Level Agreements
Set and measure service expectations for both customers and staff.  Features include incident entitlement, privileged access, and response requirements.

Speed and quality agreement defined by the service contract.

Single, Integrated Knowledgebase

Knowledge Base

  • Integrated across communication channels and driven by customer interactions. 
  • Automatically learns and adapts to ensure content remains accurate and relevant. 
  • Presented to customer in the form of suggested solutions based on content analysis of email inquiry. 
  • Utilized by agents to quickly respond to inquiries and capture new issues.


Incident Number Assignment
Unique reference number assigned to each customer inquiry.

Threaded Conversation
Capture multi-channel communications in a single customer record.

Customer History
Personalize your responses based on customers’ previous interactions.

System Alerts
Escalation rules facilitate service level management.

Customer Management

Incident Management
Capture and track each interaction in the customer’s record, regardless of the channel.

Consolidated Customer Data
Access consistent and current customer information captured across multi-channel interaction points.

Real-Time Information
Increase customer satisfaction and save processing time by providing agent with complete customer interaction history.

Global platform allows for ease of deployment in 33 languages and dialects, including Unicode.