RightNow Support Community

Give Your Customers a Voice. Within your discussion forums, your customers will be able to pose questions, explore ideas, and discuss your products and services—helping each other solve problems.

Give your customers a voice, and turn your support center into an opportunity center. RightNow Support Community lets customers help each other, reducing the load on your call center while building loyalty for your brand.

RightNow Support Community

When you empower customers to share experiences, ideas, and advice, they become trusted resources for cost effective peer-to-peer support. In the process, they’ll feed your organization’s knowledge foundation with a wealth of reusable content. With so much useful content at their fingertips, many customers will turn to your community for answers first—before they pick up the phone or send an email. As a result, you’ll be able to:

  • Deflect costly support calls and email, increasing zero contact resolution 
  • Proactively identify problems before they impact your support organization 
  • Source user product reviews
  • Gather customer feedback and improve word-of-mouth marketing 
  • Leverage user-generated content to build your knowledge foundation

Peer-To-Peer Support
RightNow Support Community offers a standard set of features—available in 33 languages—to help you bring peerto-peer support to your customer experience.

Within your discussion forums, your customers will be able to pose questions, explore ideas, and discuss your products and services—helping each other solve problems. They can also explore your resource library—a searchable repository of useful information, from corporate documentation to usergenerated video tutorials.

Best of all, you can capture, rate, and reuse the collective expertise of your community through the answers feature. This feature allows customers to pose questions, let other community members submit answers, and then mark the best one. And it offers a failsafe mechanism for unanswered questions, providing automatic escalation to the agent desktop after a defined period of time.

Plus, RightNow complements these social insights with RightNow Feedback, which is designed for multi-channel, enterprise feedback that makes it easy to listen and act on customer input across web, social, and contact center touchpoints.

Seamless Customer Experience
Whether customers are searching for information on your website, in your community, or with your contact center staff, they will get accurate, consistent answers from an integrated RightNow knowledge foundation. You can even these support capabilities into the social web by listening and responding via RightNow Cloud Monitor.

You can achieve seamless crossover between your web presence and your social presence by surfacing community content on Customer Portal pages, highlighting recent or popular posts and search results.

In addition, contact center agents can engage and assist customers through the community. Community moderators can escalate questions into incidents on the agent desktop, where agents can view the community member’s profile data and manage follow-up actions. 

Social Knowledge Foundation

To stay useful and relevant, your knowledge foundation should evolve over time. RightNow Support Community makes it possible for customers to help keep the content fresh by enabling them to comment on answers. Within Customer Portal customers can discuss, rate, and subscribe to any answers within your knowledge foundation. Agents can also embed community links and content in any answer to provide richer information and alternative sources of knowledge.