RightNow Innovation Community

Connect and Collaborate. RightNow Innovation Community hosts your most loyal, knowledgeable customers—the ones with strong opinions and great ideas.

More and more, customers are clamoring to be heard. If you’re not actively engaging them, you may be missing out on a wealth of good ideas. RightNow Innovation Community allows you to connect and collaborate with your customers, so they can help take your products from good to great.

RightNow Innovation Community

RightNow Innovation Community hosts your most loyal, knowledgeable customers—the ones with strong opinions and great product ideas. They’ll contribute to your product roadmap. Help you validate, prioritize, and refine your ideas. Think up your next breakthrough product. And the only rewards they’ll want are a sense of ownership in your brand and a feeling of belonging in your community—leaving you with a dynamic, cost-effective path of continuous innovation.

The Benefits

  • Accelerate product release cycles and reduce research and development costs 
  • Discover profitable new ideas and business opportunities 
  • Get customer insights and feedback more quickly and cost effectively 
  • Improve the quality of new products and services before taking them to market 
  • Differentiate your brand by creating a culture of collaboration and openness

Capture Customer Ideas and Insights
RightNow enables you to bring the wisdom of the crowds into your innovation processes—whether you’re making continuous enhancements to the customer experience, improving services or developing or redesigning products. With Innovation Community, your customers will be able to submit their ideas and vote for their favorites through a structured idea center designed specifically to help capture and prioritize the most promising suggestions. You can also get customers involved in perfecting your organization’s own ideas and prototypes through RightNow’s concept testing functionality.

Combined with the social web monitoring capabilities of RightNow Cloud Monitor and the powerful survey management tools from RightNow Feedback, Innovation Community is part of a multi-channel, enterprise feedback solution that makes it easy to measure and act on customer input across web, social, and contact center touchpoints.

Offer a Place to Connect
A community is an ideal place to let customers simply connect. RightNow Innovation Community allows your customers to form personal networks, communicate through private messaging, and participate in discussions. Discussion forums, which you can use straight out of the box or customize for specific activities, give customers the freedom to explore ideas, identify problems or complaints, and help each other solve problems. And they can do so in community-wide forums or limited-access areas reserved for members of certain groups.

Broaden the Conversation
As members of the community, customers can also share community content easily with the broader social web—by tweeting about it, digging it, emailing it, and more. Once the conversation spreads, you’ll see increasing traffic in your community, making it a rich source of new insights. Plus, you can monitor the extended conversations both inside and outside your community using Cloud Monitor, which helps you monitor and manage social interactions on Twitter, YouTube, RSS-enabled sites, Facebook fan pages, and your community.

Social Knowledge Foundation
Innovation Community also makes it possible to add customer insights to your formal knowledge base. RightNow’s social knowledge foundation allows customers to comment on, rate, flag, and subscribe to answers. This ability can turn a static, out-of-date knowledge base into a rich, dynamic source of information—combining both curated and user-generated content. Agents can also embed community links and content in any answer to provide richer information and alternative sources of knowledge.