RightNow Cloud Monitor

RightNow Cloud Monitor lets your organization follow relevant, real-time discussions related to your products and services that are occurring in the social web.

Customers are your most valuable asset. To keep them happy, you need to deliver a great customer experience consistently across all interaction channels. The only way to be sure you are delivering this great experience is by listening.

Today, more and more consumers use social websites like Twitter, YouTube, and online communities to research and gather information. They are forming and expressing their opinions about your products, services, and brand. Are you listening?

RightNow Cloud Monitor

RightNow Cloud Monitor lets your organization follow relevant, real-time discussions related to your products and services that are occurring in the social web. With Cloud Monitor, you’ll never be left out of a critical conversation.

Most importantly, as part of RightNow CX, the customer experience suite, Cloud Monitor enables you to determine actionable next steps to address customer or prospective customer needs across social, web, and contact center experiences.

A Growing List of Social Media Sources
Cloud Monitor’s reach into the social web continues to expand. You can monitor Twitter, YouTube, Facebook fan pages, your own RightNow Community, and RSS-enabled sites such as blogs and news sources. From the RightNow  agent desktop, your contact center managers and agents can easily define search terms to find and respond to relevant conversations across these sources. Plus, with language search filters for Twitter and YouTube, agents can narrow their results for only the most pertinent content.

SmartSense Emotion Detection
Manually sifting through volumes of social web “chatter” to find conversations relevant to your business is a daunting, time-consuming task. RightNow’s patented SmartSense technology automatically identifies customer sentiment from search results. It allows you to quickly identify potentially unhappy customers and prioritize their posts for immediate follow-up

Agent Action Choice
Not all conversations occurring in the cloud will require action. Cloud Monitor gives agents a choice in how they wish to respond. They can open the target site and respond directly to the post, ignore it, or create a service incident directly from the result. This helps agents work intelligently, saving time and money.

Customer Interaction Choice
When a customer has a legitimate issue, the social web may not be the best forum in which to address it. RightNow gives your customers a range of interaction choices—directing them to a chat session, web self-service page, community forum, email, or phone conversation. And because our multi-channel contact center solution is supported by a single knowledge foundation, your customers will receive efficient, consistent, and high-quality support across any channel they choose.

Agent Efficiency
You need to listen to your customers 24/7, but that doesn’t mean anyone has to be tied to a chair and a computer around the clock. You can easily store search terms and sources for later execution or even specify a recurrence schedule, setting up notifications to ensure that new search results are never missed. Plus, administrators can set up a global Twitter user account that all agent responses will automatically use, eliminating the requirement for agent-specific credentials.

Cloud Monitor Analytics
All data retrieved through Cloud Monitor is available through RightNow Analytics. Cloud Monitor provides out-of-thebox reports including a summary report displaying all recent searches and results, with agent actions taken. RightNow records incidents created via the cloud source, so you can get reporting on the originating source of all your incidents across all interaction channels.

Sample out-of-the-box reports include a Key Contributors report to identify the top contributors in the cloud commenting on your company/products and a SmartSense Trend report to identify trends in positive/negative/neutral posts over time.