RightNow CX for Facebook

RightNow CX for Facebook gives your consumers and fans multiple options for interacting with your organization.

With more than 500 million active users spending more than 3 billion hours per month there, Facebook has become an essential piece of the customer experience strategy. It represents a unique opportunity to reach consumers on their own turf and deliver exceptional customer service.

RightNow CX for Facebook

RightNow CX for Facebook gives your consumers and fans multiple options for interacting with your organization—including self-service, crowd-service, and agent-assisted service—directly from a customer service tab on your Facebook page.

Help your customers help themselves by giving them the right information up front. Allow them to browse suggested topics and perform keyword searches on the content in both your knowledge base and community, so they can find answers without leaving Facebook. RightNow’s patented, self-learning knowledge foundation collects data on the interactions on your website, in the contact center, and through social channels to continuously improve the answers it delivers.

Let consumers help each other through threaded discussions and other community features—tailored for consumers to ask and answer questions and submit their ideas. Best answers are marked for future reference, while unanswered questions escalate to the agent desktop for further assistance—so nothing slips through the cracks. Consumers also have the option to share their experiences with friends, helping you amplify your brand and attract new fans.

Agent-Assisted Service
Give consumers the option to ask for help from an organization representative directly through Facebook. When they choose to ask a private question, the inquiry goes directly to your contact center agent for follow-up. Agents then respond with an email or through the Facebook interface. Meanwhile, the entire interaction is captured in a single customer record, so you maintain a comprehensive view of your consumers across channels

Monitoring the Wall
Use RightNow Cloud Monitor capabilities to monitor and respond to posts on your wall. RightNow’s SmartSense sentiment analysis automatically detects the tone of posts and flags high-priority comments for immediate follow up. Best of all, Cloud Monitor seamlessly incorporates all interactions from your Facebook wall in your incident management process, allowing you to route and manage them efficiently.

Common Knowledge Foundation
Maintain a single view of consumer interactions across channels, including Facebook, while delivering consistent experiences and seamless transitions as consumers switch from one channel to another.

Knowledge Collaboration
Invite consumers to contribute their perspectives to your knowledge base by allowing them to rate and comment on official answers. You can also directly embed useful content from your community to keep knowledge base answers fresh, relevant, and cross-linked with your other customer interaction touchpoints.

Community Moderation
Maintain control over your brand by moderating the usergenerated content that appears on the support tab. Rely on SmartSense technology to flag and queue potentially sensitive or abusive posts before they appear on your Facebook page. And let your consumers help by flagging content when they think it crosses the line.

Reporting and Analytics
Make sure you’re managing this new service channel efficiently and effectively. Take advantage of RightNow’s real-time analytic dashboards and reports to track incidents originating from Facebook alongside other customer experience channels