RightNow Social Experience

Connect with Passionate Customers

These days, customers have all the power. Their voices shape your message. Their opinions drive your sales. Their passion defines your brand. And the vast majority of their conversations are happening beyond your organization’s reach—out in the social web. It’s time to make those conversations an integral part of your customer experience.

You need a two-pronged strategy in this new world of customer empowerment. First, you need to monitor conversations occurring on the social web and act quickly to address customer concerns. Second, you need a community to host your own conversations with customers and maximize loyalty, improve service, and drive innovation. RightNow can help you do both.

RightNow Brings Social to the Customer Experience

RightNow’s market-leading solutions offer an integrated approach to customer experience. With RightNow, you’ll be able to provide a seamless customer experience in 33 languages across multiple touchpoints—from your knowledge foundation and contact center to your corporate website and community—delivering the kind of service that puts you head and shoulders above your competitors. And your customers will reward you for it. That’s where RightNow Social Experience comes in.

RightNow Social Experience Applications


RightNow Cloud Monitor

RightNow Cloud Monitor lets your organization follow relevant, real-time discussions related to your products and services that are occurring in the social web.

RightNow Cloud Monitor enables you to monitor relevant customer conversations as they emerge on Twitter, YouTube, RSS-enabled sites, Facebook fan pages, and your own...

RightNow CX for Facebook

RightNow CX for Facebook gives your consumers and fans multiple options for interacting with your organization.

RightNow CX for Facebook gives your consumers and fans multiple options for interacting with your organization—including self-service, crowd-service, and agent-assisted service—directly from a customer service tab on your Facebook page.

RightNow Innovation Community

Connect and Collaborate. RightNow Innovation Community hosts your most loyal, knowledgeable customers—the ones with strong opinions and great ideas.

RightNow Innovation Community is a quick-start application for gathering consumer insights, driving innovation, and collaborating with your customers.

RightNow Support Community

Give Your Customers a Voice. Within your discussion forums, your customers will be able to pose questions, explore ideas, and discuss your products and services—helping each other solve problems.

RightNow Support Community is a quick-start application for peer-to-peer support, featuring out-of-the-box support forums and moderation tools, user reputation capabilities, Q&A pairs, and resource libraries. Multiple integration points with RightNow’s Agent Desktop and Customer Portal, including incident escalation and syndicated widgets, provide a smooth transition across channels.