RightNow Service

RightNow Service is widely recognized as the industry’s leading solution for optimizing both the quality of the customer service experience and the operational efficiency of multi-channel contact centers.

It is used by leading companies in every market segment to slash costs and deliver consistently exceptional customer care.

RightNow Service Product Capabilities

Complete Multi-Channel Solution

  • Automatically capture, track, and route all customer inquiries. 
  • Provide single view of the customer and single contact resolution.

Streamlined, Single Desktop Application

  • Easily integrate with third-party applications to extend functionality and centralize agent information. 
  • Maximize agent efficiency with configurable content.

Dynamic Agent Desktop

  • Empower your frontline employees to work smarter and proactively engage customers with relevant, personalized information, driving superior customer experiences. 
  • Dramatically decrease agent training times and increase agent productivity.

Incident Management

  • Capture incidents from every channel. 
  • Workflow rules route inquiries to agents with best-suited skill sets.

Email Response Management

  • Immediate auto-acknowledgement and auto-response. 
  • Leverages central knowledge base for fast, accurate responses.

Online Self-Service

  • Drive customer satisfaction with immediate access to relevant information. 
  • Reduce inbound email and phone inquiries as your customers help themselves.

Cloud Monitor

  • Monitor social websites, such as Twitter and YouTube. ]
  • Identify sentiment through RightNow’s patented SmartSense emotion detection capabilities for better prioritization.
  • Integrated across the full RightNow CRM suite to support end-to-end cross-channel customer engagements.

Live Chat

  • Increase first contact resolution rates. 
  • Improve online customer service experience with instant proactive assistance.


  • Enable agents to share a consumer’s desktop during a chat or phone interaction. 
  • Facilitate consultative selling and reduce cart abandonment.
  • Improve resolution rates and customer experience.

Guided Assistance

  • Improve resolution rates with complex troubleshooting scenarios.
  • Provide answer consistency among your agents.

Agent Scripting

  • Enable consistent handling of customer interactions regardless of agent experience. 
  • Drive revenue through cross-sell and up-sell offers.
  • Powerful script designer allows business users to quickly design and implement scripts, reducing agent training time.

Desktop Workflow
Provide the ability to step agents through one or many business processes depending on the customer or interaction, tying together scripts, contextual workspaces, and guides, while at the same time automating tasks in the background.

Automate Common business Processes

  • Drive revenue through cross-sell and up-sell offer delivery. 
  • Powerful script designer allows business users to quickly design and implement scripts, reducing agent training time.

Answer Management

  • wysiwyg editor for easy creation and editing of answers. 
  • Easy process for proposing answers captures agent knowledge.

Offer Management

  • Turn every great service interaction into a revenue opportunity.
  • Optimize success with relevant, timely offer recommendations.

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

  • Drive agent productivity with full desktop telephony controls. 
  • Improve customer experience by providing agent with relevant customer information so your customers don’t need to repeat themselves.

Customer Feedback

  • Measure customer satisfaction with automatic, multi-channel surveys.
  • Turn customers into advocates with actionable feedback.

Reporting and Dashboards and Advanced business Intelligence

  • Robust real-time operational reporting provides actionable insight into agents, customers, and business operations.
  • Deliver sophisticated, actionable insights across the entire business combining RightNow data with non-RightNow data.
  • Support advanced trending, time-slice analyses, predictive analyses, and advanced metrics leveraging an on demand data warehouse.