RightNow Sales

Through support of multiple sales methodologies, RightNow Sales embeds end-to-end sales automation processes throughout the customer lifecycle.

Prospective customers are inundated with sales calls. They don’t want to be “sold to”.  They want solutions to their challenges and pain.  RightNow delivers actionable, relevant knowledge to provide companies with compelling solutions driving profitability while improving their customers’ experience.

RightNow Sales Product Capabilities


  • Seamless management of leads from marketing to telephone sales.
  • Automated telesales strategies boost sales productivity.

Opportunity and Pipeline Management

  • Enter, update, and track all relevant deal information in one place.
  • Effectively track and analyze sales pipeline to accelerate key deals.

Forecasting Management

  • Real-time forecasting visibility provides accurate, current insight for improved decision making.
  • Opportunity-level forecasting accommodates flexible methodologies.

Contact and Account Management

  • Instant access to contact and customer information.
  • Track all interactions centrally to provide consistent view of customer.

Task Management

  • Create tasks and assign them to others, scheduleappointments and events.
  • Easily manage and prioritize tasks while maintaining complete history of all activities.

Lead Management

  • Optimize lead flow across sales and marketing organizations.
  • Systematically route leads so they don’t fall through the cracks.

Territory Management

  • Automatically route leads based on territory definitions.
  • Gain critical insight into territory effectiveness.

Quota Management

  • Manage revenue objectives and track quota status.
  • Instantly see how team is performing against quota.

Sales Methodology Support

  • Supports multiple sales strategies, processes, and methodologies.
  • Enforce the right policies, procedures, and best practices to maximize sales effectiveness.

Contract, Quote, and Proposal Generation

  • Create accurate, customer-ready contracts, quotes, and proposals.
  • Reps save valuable time by selecting from product and pricing templates.

Partner Portal

  • Provide partners a web interface to your organization’s knowledge foundation to facilitate communication and exchange of critical information.
  • Coordinate leads, sales, and other customer interactions to ensure the customer experience provided by partners is consistent with your brand.

Microsoft Outlook® Integration

  • View and use Microsoft Outlook within RightNow.
  • Synchronize emails, tasks, and contacts between RightNowand Microsoft Outlook.
  • Increases agent efficiency by consolidating applications.

Sales Analytics and Dashboards

  • Make faster, better, and more impactful decisions with real-time insight into key sales performance indicators.
  • Create customized role-based sales dashboards, or leverage sizable library of customizable pre-built analyses.
  • Leverage historical sales trending charts to assess today’s sales effectiveness and efficiency.

Account Locator with Map Generation

  • Simple “map it” command makes mapping any location simple, easy, and straightforward