RightNow Marketing

Create proactive, relevant communications based on complete knowledge of the customer and their history.

Customers have become pretty sophisticated. Nowhere is this more evident than in their resistance to reading emails that aren’t personally meaningful. According to Forrester, the top reason for unsubscribing from marketing messages was irrelevance: an overwhelming 74% of consumers unsubscribe for this reason. As part of RightNow CX, RightNow Marketing helps you create proactive, relevant communications that are based on complete knowledge of the customer and their history. Marketing activity is also automatically added to the customer record, giving your agents a complete and accurate view for the next interaction.

RightNow Marketing

Relevance Is king
The current economy is driving marketing focus back to email, thanks to its low cost and the ability to easily track its effectiveness.  As a result, customers are inundated with inbox noise. If you want to break through it, you need to deliver highly targeted and personalized messages. You need an integrated solution that provides a complete view of all customer activities and full visibility into campaign performance across channels and departments so you can properly segment customer groups with relevant information.

Targeted, Personalized Customer Experience
Only when you really know your customers, can you create messages they’ll notice. The RightNow CX knowledge foundation tracks and learns from every customer interaction, providing marketers with rich customer data to create personal and proactive communications.

RightNow Marketing boasts powerful campaign management tools. Deliverability optimization tools help your emails get delivered and read.  Powerful opt-in/opt-out features ensure that your customers only get the information they are interested in. Leveraging the single customer repository in RightNow CX, you can easily automate and optimize campaigns, resulting in deeper customer engagement, greater efficiency, and higher ROI.


  • With RightNow Marketing, you can enjoy these benefits:
  • Send the right messages to the right people at the right time
  • Execute large volume, personalized campaigns
  • Cost-effective communications via web and email channels
  • Be on target with knowledge-based communication 
  • Significantly improve the quality of customer service by providing customers proactive solutions before clients are even aware of the problem
  • Proactive care demonstrates the extent of an organization’s commitment to customer satisfaction and substantially exceeds customer expectations
  • Planning ahead and being proactive reduces costs
  • On demand solution for rapid and flexible deployment
  • RightNow’s Easy to Buy commitment gives you flexibility to buy only what you need, so you can easily accommodate changing business needs due to seasonality with minimum risks.

Leverage proactive communications (newsletters, registration confirmations, warranty notifications, or relevant product/service offers) to improve customer experiences, build customer loyalty, and drive profitable, cost-effective customer engagements—all built on a single customer database

RightNow Marketing Product Capabilities

Multi-Stage, Multi-Channel Campaign Management

  • Run sophisticated multi-stage campaigns across multiple channels
  • Schedule outbound mailings or campaigns to be ran at recurring internals for improved efficiency, more personalized messaging, and better customer experience
  • Communicate proactively to achieve favorable mindshare and to surpass campaign goals

Email Marketing

  • Reach mass audiences quickly and cost-effectively
  • Facilitates design efficiency with an easy-to-use drag-anddrop graphical campaign designer interface
  • Business users are empowered to effectively plan, design, execute, track, and analyze campaigns without IT support
  • Collaborative content review

Event-Triggered Communications

  • Proactively contact recipient with relevant, personalized, time-critical messages based on rules and events 
  • Schedule delivery for future date, or send immediatelyAdvanced Segmentation and De-Duplication
  • Strategically identify and segment target audiences with advanced, multi-dimensional segmentation
  • Include/exclude lists and segments for focused mailings
  • Identify target customer groups with multi-dimensional list segmentation
  • Demographic targeting
  • Event or behavior-based communications
  • Ensure quality of marketing communications with automated segment de-duplication

Personalized Messaging

  • Maximize campaign relevancy and impact with highly personalized content
  • Merge dynamic content (any customer database field) leveraging RightNow CX’s single customer repository into mailings/surveys, creating truly personalized and relevant emails for each customer
  • Utilize conditional sections to show relevant content to the correct targeted audience
  • Achieve greater response rates and campaign effectiveness

Social Media Sharing and links

  • Easily include Cloud Links from an outbound email or survey to a variety of social networks to encourage recipients to share or become fans/followers of your organization. Supported social networks include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Flickr
  • Spread the word to attract a new generation of customers and employees who utilize social network sites
  • Differentiate and demonstrate willingness to provide service and gather feedback in the customers’ channels of choice
  • Use Analytics to gain visibility into customers, who use these links to share, tweet, become a fan, or join a group

Message Testing and Optimization

  • Employ test cells to find the optimal message prompting highest response rates
  • Quickly proof-test content for quality and accuracy

Lead Management and Routing

  • Route leads automatically to the right sales rep or employee. Ensure leads are prioritized and acted on appropriately]
  • Promote buy-in by empowering reps to accept and reject their own leads

List Management and Deliverability

  • Keep your customers loyal by tightly managing touches with recency and frequency setting
  • Maintain goodwill by honoring opt-in, opt-out, and suppression lists. Comply with anti-SPAM regulations
  • RightNow Email Deliverability Group (EDG) ensures rigorous compliance with latest anti-SPAM regulatory requirements

Campaign Tracking

  • Monitor, track, and analyze end-to-end campaign performance
  • Measure key performance indicators such as campaign ROI
  • Easily quantify campaign impact in real time

Marketing Analytics and Dashboards

  • Provide executives real-time insight into accurate, actionable marketing knowledge
  • Personalized dashboards provide one consolidated view of marketing performance
  • Uncover unique customer segments with robust customer intelligence and analytical insight