RightNow Enterprise Analytics

RightNow Analytics provides real-time, actionable insight that enables timely, informed, and effective business decisions.

Customers are your most important asset, and taking care of them is the most important thing you can do. You need immediate insight into the real-time state of the business to understand how you’re performing today. You also need to understand historical trends to make sure your customer experience is always improving and your operations are optimized across all interaction channels. You need quick access to insight gathered from multiple data sources across your business, so you can take immediate actions. RightNow Enterprise Analytics solves this problem with advanced business analytics provided by an on demand data warehouse—all delivered from the cloud for rapid time to value. By converting disparate data into deep actionable insight, RightNow enables you to put the past into context, understand the present, and forecast the future.

Advanced Insight with an On Demand Data Warehouse
RightNow Enterprise Analytics leverages an on demand data warehouse designed specifically to provide the advanced business insight often hidden beneath the surface. Sophisticated historical trending, time-slice analyses, predictive analytics, and more, deliver the deep insight required to put performance into context, and point you where you need to go. It allows you to quickly identify opportunities to optimize processes, increase customer satisfaction (CSAT), reduce costs, and drive other business improvements. With RightNow Enterprise Analytics, you can determine where problems started, pinpoint root causes, and take immediate, corrective action to move your business forward effectively.

For example, service requests may move through several states, departments, or employees over time until resolved. Learn how efficient this process is and how to optimize it going forward. Where are the service resolution bottlenecks? Which states are moved through quickest, which aren’t, and why? How can the process become more effective? As another example, you can group incidents by product line into bins representing those opened only in the last month versus those opened in the last year to determine if your average first contact resolution rate (FCR) is improving compared to the longer-term average. Enterprise Analytics delivers the insight, sometimes hidden in the abstract, to know that the customer experience you are providing is meeting your customers’ expectations, and is being delivered in the costeffective manner you demand.

Complete View Across Many Data Sources
Most organizations use multiple systems to acquire and serve customers. Insight from CRM, call switch, telephony, RMA, order management, and other disparate systems are all used by the contact center. But integrating data from systems spread across multiple sources can be a challenging task, and typically limits your ability to gain a complete, accurate, and consistent view of the business. RightNow Enterprise Analytics integrates data from multiple sources into one consolidated analytics solution, accessed directly from the RightNow user interface, providing managers and agents a single source of truth for all their contact center business intelligence needs. With one view of the business from one system, you can access comprehensive scorecard reports, dashboards showcasing performance, and more.

Enterprise Performance, Scalability and Security
RightNow Enterprise Analytics delivers fast, highperformance analytics for even the largest of enterprises. Enterprise Analytics’ data warehouse is designed specifically to deliver fast results for very high data volumes, intensive processing and complex analytical needs. Enterprise Analytics also delivers a flexible, robust level of configurable security to deliver the right analytics to the right users, or groups of users, while restricting access elsewhere.

Business User Friendly
RightNow Enterprise Analytics is designed to be easy enough for business users and sophisticated enough for power users. The intuitive interface enables business users to ask sophisticated business questions and get real-time answers without calling IT. Enterprise Analytics also delivers many pre-built metrics business users can select from to run analyses across various dimensions to answer most analytical needs quickly and easily.

Fast to Deploy, Easy to Administer
Traditional business intelligence solutions require you to purchase, deploy, and manage several solution components
separately, including the ETL tool, data warehouse, OLAP engine, and reporting engine. This is expensive and timeconsuming. RightNow Enterprise Analytics provides one consolidated, fully-automated, ready-to-use solution platform. On-going managed services are also provided. This simplifies deployment and reduces costs so that you can focus on making informed decisions, not managing infrastructure.

On Demand Value
RightNow Enterprise Analytics is delivered on demand, providing you a powerful business intelligence solution in a fraction of the time, and at a fraction of the cost, as traditional on premise business intelligence solutions.  This provides rapid time-to-value and a significant return on investment. Developed and architected natively to provide on demand data warehousing and advanced business intelligence, RightNow Enterprise Analytics blends the value of on demand with complete and configurable solution capabilities enterprises require.