RightNow Customer Feedback

Capture actionable voice of the customer insights across channels.

RightNow CX delivers a fully integrated multi-channel, enterprise feedback solution that enables you to capture, measure, and act on critical customer insight to drive continuous improvement that engenders loyalty and retention. RightNow CX makes it easy to listen and act on customer feedback across web, social, and contact center touchpoints.

Multi-Channel Enterprise Feedback Management
Many organizations collect customer feedback across disparate and uncoordinated solutions. This can result in a variety of costly solutions that give a small number of employees a limited view of the customer.

With RightNow Feedback, you can consolidate company- wide feedback processes into a single enterprise feedback solution—target, design, test, deliver, capture, analyze, route, and act—to increase efficiency and reduce costs and complexity. Your customers can communicate with you via the channels they prefer.

Keeping a Pulse on Every Customer Interaction
Customers evaluate you at every interaction, from the purchase experience, to key touchpoints such as service and support. It is critical to monitor the entire customer experience because any breakdown along the customer journey can result in customer churn and lost revenue.

Gathering feedback from customers immediately after an interaction with short, dynamic customer surveys enables you to immediately flag at-risk customers and proactively solicit feedback based on customer and agent activities.

Timely, Relevant Surveys
Powerful survey management tools facilitate relevant and targeted surveys cost-effectively. Advanced multi-dimensional audience segmentation tools allow you to quickly identify target audiences on the fly, include or exclude other lists for sophisticated segmentation, or use pre-existing lists for faster survey creation.

Tapping Into Unstructured and Unsolicited Feedback
Manually sifting through customer feedback is a daunting, time-consuming task. RightNow’s patented technology can automatically identify customer sentiment and cluster customer text responses into specific topics of interest, so you can quickly identify potentially unhappy customers and prioritize for immediate follow-up.

Integrating Social Media Monitoring
In this new world of customer empowerment, you need to monitor conversations occurring on the social web and act quickly to address customer concerns. You also need a community to host your own conversations with customers to maximize loyalty, improve service, and drive innovation. RightNow CX can help.

Taking Action
A TARP Worldwide survey showed that among customers who register a complaint, 54-70 percent will buy again if their complaints are resolved. This statistic improves to 95 percent if the customer feels the complaint was resolved quickly.
RightNow enables you to proactively sense and respond to customer feedback with automated business workflow, closing the feedback loop immediately to turn alienated customers into loyal ones. You can intelligently act on survey responses with sophisticated routing and workflow rules, to create an opportunity, notification, incident, or lead, follow- up with the contact, execute an external event, modify a record or field, or add the recipient to a list. Survey results are available immediately and can be routed to a designated individual or department based on survey responses or other conditions.

Going Beyond Metrics to Diagnostics
Organizations often can’t tell what is driving their customer satisfaction scores or how to impact scores in the future. Instead of obsessing about customer feedback as a means of keeping score, RightNow can help you understand your customers as their needs change, and identify opportunities for improvement.

Leveraging pre-built survey reports or easily tailoring reports and dashboards, RightNow Feedback intelligently synthesizes all customer feedback into graphical, understandable trends for immediate follow-through. Feedback responses are combined with profile information and other corporate knowledge, providing a single, consolidated view of the customer

Fast Time to Value
RightNow CX is delivered via the cloud to ensure rapid time-to-deployment and flexibility, and combined with enterprise scalability, performance, security, and reliability, you can be up and running in days or weeks.

Multi-Channel Customer Feedback

  • Capture real-time customer feedback from multiple channels: web, email, phone, by proxy, IVR, SMS (through partner), and chat.
  • Get a consolidated view of all customer feedback— regardless of the channel.

Targeted Feedback Capture Methodologies

  • Select from broadcast, transactional, polling widget,or website link surveys to solicit the most useful feedback for different business scenarios.
  • Broadcast surveys capture feedback from selected audiences via targeted invitation.
  • Transactional surveys capture feedback following an event, condition, process, or customer action.
  • Polling widgets allow organizations to embed surveys within communities or other high traffic interaction points.
  • Website link surveys capture feedback from website visitors.

Personalized Messaging

  • Maximize survey relevancy and impact with highly personalized content.
  • Merge dynamic content(any customer database field) leveraging RightNow CX’s single customer repository into mailings/surveys, creating truly personalized and relevant messages for each customer.
  • Utilize conditional sections to show relevant content to the correct targeted audience.
  • Achieve greater response rates and survey effectiveness.

Audience Targeting and Segmentation

  • Strategically identify and segment target audiences with advanced, multi-dimensional audience segmentation.
  • Create new segments, reuse segments created with RightNow Marketing, or use lists from external sources.

Emotion Detection and Topic Monitoring

  • Patented AI SmartSense technology measure show your customers feel about your business.
  • Automatically applies an“emotional”rating to customer survey responses.
  • Topic monitoring classifies customer sentiment into specific categories so organizations can take immediate action.

Response Routing and Action

  • Intelligently act on completed surveys with routing and workflow rules.
  • Close the feedback loop with immediate follow-through.

RightNow Cloud Monitor
RightNow Cloud Monitor enables you to monitor relevant customer conversations on Twitter, YouTube, RSS-enabled sites, and your own RightNow Community, prioritizes follow-up using SmartSense emotion detection technology, and empowers you to respond or create an incident.

RightNow Support Community
RightNow Support Community is a quick-start application for peer-to-peer support, featuring out-of-the-box support forums and moderation tools, user reputation capabilities, Q&A pairs, and resource libraries. Multiple integration points with RightNow’s Agent Desktop and Customer Portal, including incident escalation and syndicated widgets, provide a smooth transition across channels.

RightNow Innovation Community
RightNow Innovation Community is a quick-start application for gathering consumer insights, driving innovation, and collaborating with your customers. It helps you collect and prioritize ideas, discuss solutions, and test concepts or prototypes, so you can validate your ideas, get early buy-in from stakeholders, and ultimately accelerate innovation.

Social Media Sharing and Links

  • Easily include Cloud Links from an outbound email or survey to a variety of social networks to encourage recipients to share or become fans/followers of your organization. Currently supported social networks include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Flickr.
  • Spread the word to attract a new generation of customers who utilize social network sites.
  • Analytics to gain visibility into influencers, who use these links to share, tweet, become a fan, or join a group.

Touch Management

  • Keep your best customers loyal by tightly managing customer touches
  • Recency and frequency analysis prevents over-communicating.
  • Maintain customer goodwill by honoring global opt-in, opt-out, and suppression lists.

Survey Question and Survey Invitation Designer

  • Design attractive, relevant surveys to maximize responses. 
  • Increase survey response rates with compelling, relevant invitations. 
  • Create rich, attractive survey questions and invitation messages with a full HTML message editor.

Proof Testing

  • Employ test cells to find the optimal message prompting highest response rates.
  • Quickly proof-test content for quality and accuracy.

Survey Launch and Delivery Management

  • Deliver surveys to the right audience at the right time. 
  • Send surveys immediately or schedule for a future date. 
  • Suspend, revise,and resume survey, or cancel it altogether.

Gartner Research found that companies implementing regular surveys spend 25% less on customer retention while increasing their cross-sell and up-sell effectiveness by.