RightNow Analytics

RightNow Analytics provides real-time, actionable insight that enables timely, informed, and effective business decisions.

RightNow Analytics provides actionable insight empowering the frontlines to make better and quicker decisions. Fully integrated across all RightNow products, RightNow Analytics delivers full visibility across all customer touchpoints spanning customer service, sales, marketing, and feedback functions, and across all interaction channels, by capturing, organizing, presenting, and disseminating real-time actionable knowledge with speed and flexibility. The result? A better customer experience, improved understanding of customers, increased operational efficiency, and superior business performance.

RightNow Analytics

Immediately capture insight into organizational performance with an extensive library of pre-built, role-based analytic dashboards and reports for each RightNow application. Customize any pre-built analytic as needed to tailor it to your business needs. RightNow Analytics provides real-time insight to your employees, so they can make smarter, timelier decisions that directly impact business performance.

Customer Service and Support Analytics
Gauge the quality of customer experiences and measure customer satisfaction with deep, pre-built service and support analytics.

Marketing Analytics
Gain deeper insight into the performance of marketing campaigns and how those campaigns are driving leads, reaching customers, and ultimately driving sales.

Sales Analytics
Provide granular, real-time visibility into your pipeline—allowing you to more accurately forecast revenue and take
proactive steps to accelerate pipeline velocity. You can Monitor sales performance, analyze sales process efficiency, predict customer behavior, and even provide real-time insights to your frontlines.

Customer Feedback Analytics
Increase customer advocacy and improve your products, services, and processes with pre-built customer feedback analytics.

Customer Analytics Design Centers

Create custom analyses targeted to your organization’s unique needs with RightNow’s custom analytics design centers. Create role-based dashboards and reports from scratch, or modify pre-built analyses.

Custom Report Design Center
Easily create customized role-based analytic reports with intuitive drag-and-drop graphical report design tool.

Custom Dashboard Design Center
Quickly organize reports into meaningful role-based customized dashboards with drag-and-drop graphical dashboard design tool.

Advanced Analytic Capabilities

Leverage advanced analytic capabilities to immediately understand and intelligently act on critical organizational insight for improved decision-making.

Scheduled Reporting
Ensure key personnel consistently have the latest information by automatically scheduling the execution and delivery of reports.

Exception-Based Alerts
Proactively identify problems or exception conditions with rule-based alerts for immediate action and resolution.

Historical Trending
Exploit historical and comparative knowledge for more accurate prediction models.

Robust Data Drilling Capabilities
Uncover underlying causes of performance or trends by drilling down, in, or across to additional levels of analytic detail. You can drill from reports to dashboards, drill across to reports referencing related data sets, build destination reports once and reuse, and build conditional report links for more efficient report development, better reporting performance, and extended insight for better decision making.

Advanced Charting
Extensive library of customizable charts and charting options presents the right information in the most understandable and impactful manner.

Customized Output

  • Easily view, print, forward, publish, or export analyses to third-party applications. 
  • Export to PDF, HTML, Microsoft Excel delimited, Microsoft Excel formatted, XML, Image, or delimited formats.

Data Toolbar

  • Empower end-users to fine-tune a report on their own without IT or analyst support. 
  • Change sort ordering, displayed fields, slicing, filtering, roll-ups, cross-tabs, and more.