RightNow Dynamic Agent Desktop

Dynamic Agent Desktop allows you to guide agents through business processes across channels, geographies and agent pools, whether they’re outsourced or in house.

You know too well the challenge contact centers face in delivering consistently exceptional customer experiences across channels, while at the same time controlling cost.

RightNow has taken a unique approach to solving this common challenge. The RightNow Dynamic Agent Desktop guides agents with contextually relevant realtime knowledge to quickly address their immediate customer issue, across all channels. The result? Happy customers and highly productive agents.


Contact centers face an ever-increasing set of challenges that can get in the way of cost-effectively and consistently delivering great customer experiences. These include:

  • Inconsistent customer experiences across interaction channels. 
  • Low agent productivity and inconsistent knowledge delivery. 
  • Difficulty controlling or reducing costs. 
  • Gathering and measuring how your customers perceive your organization/service/brand.

The RightNow Dynamic Agent Desktop empowers your contact center staff to deliver high quality customer experiences consistently across channels, agent pools, and geographies, while simultaneously maximizing productivity and minimizing cost. The Dynamic Agent Desktop guides your agents with relevant knowledge, dynamically learning from every interaction, so every agent can perform like your best agents.

Key Capabilities and Benefits

Unified Management of Channels
Customers use many channels to communicate. They expect a unified, quality brand experience regardless of the channel they use. The RightNow Dynamic Agent Desktop enables your agents to deliver great contact center experiences consistently and efficiently by centrally managing all customer interaction channels from a unified, consistent interface. RightNow’s multi-channel solutions include:

  • Web self-service
  • Email response management
  • Chat
  • Co-browse
  • Feedback
  • Support communities
  • Cloud (social media) monitoring and management

RightNow enables centralized case (incident) tracking and management across all channels. All channel communications are captured and accessible in a single customer record.

Right Information, Right Time
Agents need the right information at the right time in the context of the customer need at that moment. RightNow’s Dynamic Agent Desktop guides agents with contextuallyrelevant, just-in-time knowledge. The end result is a great customer experience, higher agent productivity, and faster agent ramp-up. Capabilities include:

Desktop Workflow – a drag-and-drop workflow engine that steps agents through one or many business processes, while automating tasks in the background.  Enables you to codify customer interaction best practices.

Contextual Workspaces – presents only the workspace information the agent needs in the context of the conversation and the customer issue at hand.

Guided Assistance – a troubleshooting tool that guides agents to the correct resolution, expediting agent ramp-up and ensuring that even novice agents can solve customer problems like an expert.

Agent Scripting – guides agents with customer interaction
scripts  such as cross- and up-sell offers to drive revenue.

SmartAssistant – leverages RightNow Knowledge Foundation and patented AI technology to suggest answers, reducing agent handle times and ensuring consistent knowledge delivery.

Standard Text – templates for frequently used responses and urls that streamline agent processes and eliminate errors.Hot Keys – shortcuts for common functions and inserting standard text, optimizing agent performance.

Centralizing Enterprise Knowledge
A big productivity drain for call center agents is the need to toggle between many disparate systems to find information. RightNow Desktop Add-Ins solve this problem by easily embedding and centralizing disparate enterprise information into the Dynamic Agent Desktop—like order and shipping status, RMA,  address look-up, credit card validation, and maps.  RightNow brings the disparate information needed to deliver a superior customer experience right to the agent’s fingertips.

CTI and Desktop Call Control - Desktop Add-ins are also used to enable CTI screen pop and soft phone functionality within the agent desktop, further enhancing agent productivity. RightNow integrates with leading telephony systems to enable this functionality within the RightNow Dynamic Agent Desktop.

Infusing Community 
With the RightNow Dynamic Agent Desktop you are able to leverage the power of social communities to provide a superior customer experience, help minimize support costs, and build your brand. Through the agent desktop you can leverage customer-generated content to build your knowledge foundation, providing agents and customers alike with a rich, searchable source of information. Incidents can be escalated from the community to the agent desktop through integrated incident process workflow, enabling agents to respond quickly.

Organizations need solutions that meet the needs of their agent pool, including the disabled. RightNow offers an option which exposes the functionality of the Service portion of the Desktop in an accessible fashion. The interface provides access to manage RightNow incidents, contacts, organizations, and answers through a simplified web interface which was developed in collaboration with blind users at the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs. This interface meets the technical requirements of Section 508 as well as WCAG 1.0 and 2.0.

Integrated Customer Feedback
You can’t be sure you’re delivering a great customer experience unless you’re capturing the voice of your customers across every channel. RightNow Feedback allows you to capture real-time feedback across voice, web, email, and chat channels. Most importantly, integrated business rules and workflow allow you to take immediate follow-up action.

Proactive Engagement
Customers appreciate organizations that reach out proactively with personalized, relevant information. Through RightNow Marketing, contact centers can deliver timely email notifications that customers appreciate such as reminders, status updates, recall notifications, and offers. RightNow Marketing can not only save money by pre-empting service issues, it can also help drive revenue.

Business Insight
Managing contact center operations requires robust business insight. Contact center managers need real-time information to make on-the-fly decisions, as well as long term data to monitor and spot trends. RightNow provides both real-time operational reporting as well as on demand data warehouse for long-term, advanced trend analysis and deep managerial insight.

CX Cloud Platform

RightNow’s Dynamic Agent Desktop is delivered via the RightNow CX Cloud Platform, providing:

Mission-Critical SaaS
Ensures rapid time-to-deployment and flexibility combined with enterprise scalability, performance, security, and reliability.

RightNow Connect
RightNow Connect enterprise integration enables RightNow to easily coexist within and leverage existing organizational technology infrastructure and data.

Multi-Patented Knowledge Foundation
RightNow’s multi-patented knowledge foundation delivers knowledge across all customer communication points and learns from every interaction