RightNow Contact Center Experience

Improve the consistency of your customer service across phone and multi-channel interactions. Find out how RightNow Contact Center solutions can help you.

RightNow Contact Center Experience delivers superior customer experiences consistently across phone and multi-channel interactions, while maximizing agent productivity, lowering costs, and driving revenue.

As part of RightNow CX, our contact center experience applications empower both customers and agents to find what they need quickly. Over the phone, customers can find information 24x7 or to be intelligently routed to an agent, based on their personal needs and preferences. They can also choose to interact with agents via email or chat. Most importantly, with any transition across channels, including the web, the customer interaction thread is maintained with RightNow's contact center applications to ensure a consistent cross-channel customer experience. Agents provide a great customer experience by presenting timely, contextually relevant information based on the interaction at hand.

The phone remains the primary customer interaction channel, averaging 65% of all interactions. When you think about it, your contact center is the gateway to your organization. The contact center experience sets a lasting impression on how your customers and prospective customers feel about your company and your brand. RightNow contact center software ensures every customer interaction over the phone, whether automated or involving an agent, is personalized, relevant, and consistent across other channels.

  • Deliver superior customer experiences over the phone
  • Empower customers to use the channel of their choice
  • Provide consistent experiences across channels
  • Extend interaction best practices throughout the contact center
  • Boost agent productivity
  • Ramp up new agents more quickly and reduce training time
  • Engage customers proactively
  • Help agents drive revenue

RightNow Dynamic Agent Desktop

Dynamic Agent Desktop allows you to guide agents through business processes across channels, geographies and agent pools, whether they’re outsourced or in house.

The RightNow Dynamic Agent Desktop guides agents with contextually relevant realtime knowledge to quickly address their immediate customer issue, across all channels.