RightNow Cloud Platform

In this complex ever-changing world every interaction matters.

To deliver customer experience excellence you need to rapidly adapt to evolving business needs, provide consistent and insightful interactions, and have the confidence of proven, reliable delivery. That’s why RightNow built their Cloud Platform.


RightNow App Builder

Nimble, adaptive actions to evolving and maturing needs, requires a tool kit that enables you to get the job done, in-time, every-time, for any interaction.

App Builder enables you to rapidly create, extend, configure, and integrate customer experience applications on the RightNow CX cloud platform or any other system that adapts to your business. Visual design tools, robust open standard APIs, and extensible objects enable change to happen rapidly, securely, and cost effectively.

RightNow Knowledge Foundation

Infuse knowledge from your entire ecosystem, delivering consistency across every touch point, while self-learning from every interaction.

Knowledge Foundation is a blending of collaborative knowledge management software technology, with social crowd sourced insights for multi-channel consistent delivery.

RightNow Mission Critical Operations

Security to protect your business, flexibility to scale to your needs, reliability to trust your brand. The Cloud, delivered your way.

RightNow Mission-Critical Operations boasts the most compliant cloud solution with the strictest security standards, capable of meeting the U.S. Social Security Administration's requirements.

Natural Language Search

When users stop searching, they start engaging in interactions that grow insights, drive business value and increase efficiencies.

Natural Language Search offers a unique semantic search technology designed to deliver premium customer experiences across all channels of interaction for a deep understanding of your business, users, and interactions.