Veterans Health Administration

Nationwide Critical Communication Infrastructure Experience

Telephones System Replacement and the Telecommunication Infrastructure Project are nationwide programs designed to upgrade voice and data infrastructure capabilities and Local Area Networks within Veterans Health Administration (VHA) health care facilities to make efficient use of IT assets and resources.


  • Upgrade telecommunications infrastructure at 44 locations which included Medical Centers; ambulatory care; community based clinics; nursing homes; domiciliaries, and various other facilities.
  • Provide patient care and quality service during project implementation.
  • Rapidly deliver state-of-the-art communication infrastructure throughout the nation.
  • Design certified networks within existing buildings and areas which were not designed to support current voice and data demands.

CPI provided communications solutions consisting of, Structured Cable Services, Network Services, and Telephone Systems Replacements at 44 VHA facilities throughout the CONUS.


Upgraded communication systems encompassing, cable, network, telephony and wireless solutions, resulting in improved efficiency.

  • A partnership that provides VHA staff with a robust communication system.
  • Enhanced employee satisfaction
  • Investment protection
  • Quicker and more reliable access to health care for American Veterans.

Growth Creates Need for Change
This Program provides integrated local area network connections at facilities by use of horizontal category 5 wiring through LAN switches connected to a vertical fiber optic backbone. Each facility's fiber backbone is connected to a VHA standard router that connects the LANs to the VA national Wide Area Network.

The program provides server-based LANs with desktop-to-desktop interconnectivity and interoperability both within the facility and across the WAN. Additionally, this infrastructure provides a platform for growth to future infrastructure upgrades planned in VHA's overall Information Technology (IT) strategy.

CPI Leads the Way With First 5 Sites
The VA program office chose CPI to complete the first 5 installation projects in VISN 10 (Ohio). These projects consisted of installing and certifying structured cabling systems at 5 sites. CPI managed and staffed them as a single concurrent project. We set the mark at these sites with value-added engineering, overcoming technical obstacles, upgrading the originally scoped Category 5 solution to an enhanced Category 5e solution. Six months later, upon completion of the project, CPI received "Letters of Commendation" from all 5 sites.

By consistently providing excellent performance on a best value basis, CPI has become a strong partner to the VHA. On the TIP projects alone, CPI was selected, awarded and completed over 18% of the work on the program. In addition to TIP, CPI continues to provide Communication Services on other VISN's and Medical Center's projects providing voice, cable, and data solutions.