The Pentagon

The Network & Systems Management Center (NSMC) – Washington, D.C.

The NSMC provides exceptional customer service through maintaining the health, integrity and security of the information network for designated organizations located within or connected to the Pentagon. The concept of this center came about through the creation of the Single Agency Manager (SAM) -- a strategic initiative within the Pentagon to bring the Information Technology Services infrastructure in line with its warfighting policy and decision making capability.


  • Install a call center solution that provides customers with services that are highly reliable, standardized and cost effective.
  • Design a system that will allow the center to be a highly-responsive, dependable provider of basic network and systems management services at a competitive price.

Install Enterprise Interaction Center (EIC). EIC is an all-in-one call center solution that provides:

  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • Computer Telephony Integration
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Web & Remedy Help Desk Integration


  • High levels of customer service with a significant reduction in manpower.
  • Timely, accurate metrics for proactive planning, budgeting & management decision making.

Rapid Response Time to Inquiries Increases Customer Satisfaction
Interactive Intelligence's EIC serves as the NSMC’s comprehensive communications system. EIC eliminates the need for proprietary devices such as PBXs, ACDs, IVRs, voice mail, fax servers and CTI gateways, by turning each NSMC Technician’s desktop PC into a graphical phone with screen pop and universal in-box capabilities. Customer inquiries, regardless of communication medium, are delivered to Technicians' PCs and are processed as they are received.

Customer-Centric Agent Interface Leads to Increased Efficiency
As calls are received, EIC alerts NSMC Technicians to the caller's identity, then interfaces with Remedy. Remedy is an integrated customer support and fulfillment solution that provides the Technicians with a history of the caller as well as an intuitive interface for matching customer needs with answers. Tracking assets and their components with accurate configuration information accelerates help desk problem diagnosis, saving time and increasing cost controls. Intelligent links enable the Technicians to gather a complete history of assets by quickly and easily linking to help desk cases or change requests.

Timely, Accurate Metrics Provide the Yardstick for Success
Having ACD, IVR, voice mail and other CTI functionality on a single platform gives the NSMC extremely powerful reporting functionality. For instance, authorized personnel can run a report on how many calls a Technician takes in a day or the average wait time a customer experiences. Since very detailed data on each call is recorded, it's possible to cross-reference or aggregate data across different telephony subsystems to create very powerful and useful reports. These timely, accurate metrics provide a means for proactive planning, budgeting and management decision making.

Introducing the Soft Phone
Interaction Client is an agent-side application that turns an NSMC computer into a graphical communications console from which the user can interact with the world. Telephone actions such as dialing, transferring, and conferencing become simple drag and drop operations. Sophisticated incoming call handling allows users to see who's calling in to them - even if they're already on the phone - and allows them to take the call, transfer it, send it to voice mail, etc. all from the desktop. This user-friendly interface allowed CPI to create a public address list of speed-dial phone numbers including mobile and pager numbers for those people designated by the government as escalation points in emergency situations.

Another benefit of the EIC system is that traditional phone extensions are associated with log-in names. Therefore, a direct inward call will be routed to the PC the Technician is logged on to, not simply routed to the Technician’s assigned workstation.