United States Coast Guard Avaya IP Office Basic Training

  Communications Products, Inc. (CPI)  

Training Schedule 12:30 PM - 3:30 PM (EST)

July 18th - 21st 

August 1st - 4th

For additional resources, please scroll down.

  • Class is 3 hours long, 12:30-3:30 Eastern Standard Time.  Attendance is required for all 4 days of training.

  • Please add dates manually to your calendar

  • Do not share or forward you invitation.  It can only be used by you.

  • If you experience technical difficulties, please contact Lanette atlthurman@commprod.com

  • Be sure to enter the PIN#


It would be preferred that students call into the conference bridge during the class presentation.

Please following the Best Practices and Recommendations of GoToTraining:

1. USB Headset

2. High Speed Internet connection

3. Wired connection vs Wi-Fi

4. Close unused programs running in the background

5.  Store away wireless devices as they may cause interference

6. Turn up headset volume

7. Turn off other phones 


NOTE: If your device causes feedback, it will have to be muted during class



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Lesson Agenda

Day 1

Click here for lessons 1-3 material

Lesson 1.

Introduction to the Avaya IP Office Telephone System

No Videos

Lesson 2.

System Access and Programming 

Link to Videos Local System Access
Remote System Access (RAS)
Using the IP Office Manager Application Program

Lesson 3.

Extension and User Data

Link to Videos System and Extension Programming
User Data

Day 2

Click here for lessons 4-6 materials

Lesson 4.

System Features

Link to Videos System Directory/Speed Call
Hunt Groups
User and System Short Codes

Lesson 5.

Moves, Adds, and Changes (MAC's)

Link to Videos Adding Users and Changes
Moving Telephones

Lesson 6.

Troubleshooting Analog, Digital, and VoIP Phones

Link to Videos Using System Status
Troubleshooting Telephones

Day 3

Click here for lessons 7-10 material

Lesson 7.

Analog Trunking

Link to Videos Ground and Loop Start Trunks

Lesson. 8

Digital Trunking

Link to Videos PRI Universal Trunks

Lesson 9.

Public Address Systems

Link to Videos Internal and External Paging

Lesson 10.

Automatic Route Selection

Link to Videos Time Profile Configuration
Incoming Call Routes

Day 4

Click here for lessons 11-13 material

Lesson 11.

Voice Mail

Link to Videos Adding Voice Mailbox for Users

Lesson 12.

Auto Attendant Features

Link to Videos Auto Attendant

Lesson 13.

System Recovery & Hardware Maintenance

Link to Videos System Backup
System Restore