Welcome to today’s academic experience—an experience evermore distinguished by increasingly sophisticated, converged communications technology. The traditional four wall classrooms have been redefined.

Recent research conducted by the Educause Center for Applied Research confirms the importance today’s students assign to Internet technology. Collaboration with faculty is their first priority. When over 4,300 students across 13 institutions were asked to describe the two most valuable uses of IT in the classroom, they said it allowed them to “better communicate with the instructor” and “gain prompt feedback from the instructor.”

Universities and Colleges are creating the most favorable learning environments for students by facilitating collaboration between faculty, tutors, and fellow students, and access to an abundance of resources. This is being achieved by communication technology that includes; Find me-Follow me, audio and video conferencing, Web collaboration, secure instant messaging, personalized call management and routing, and application sharing. What these benefits add up to is a seamless, secure, easy-to-access-with-any-device communications network that students have come to expect—anytime, anywhere.

And while providing new multimedia services, institutions can generate new revenues, reduce traditional communications costs and deliver new value to students, faculty and staff.

CPI helps render this collaborative campus communications environment a reality. With extensive experiencing in converging multimedia tools for enhanced collaboration, unrestricted mobility (whether on campus or away) and personalized call management and routing, CPI has solutions to enhance your learning environment.