e-FAQ by Interactive Intelligence

One easy-to-use solution for Web Self-Service, E-mail Response Management and Knowledge Management

e-FAQ not only serves your customers, it allows your employees to access the same information, so they are able to quickly deliver a knowledgeable, consistent message to your customers. In one single application, e-FAQ gives internal and external users a seamless, integrated gateway to the information that drives your business. Vital, accurate, up-to-date information which employees and customers alike can query for as needed.

  • e-FAQ’s integrated system provides your information through multiple channels: Author once and the same content can be available via the CIC or EIC soft-phone client for employees who work at their desks; via a web interface for mobile employees or customers; via e-mail for mobile employees or customers; and through integration with a CRM application or portal.

  • e-FAQ makes finding information easy, providing Natural Language, Boolean and Auto- Detect search modes for users with specific questions, and taxonomy or categorization groupings for users who prefer to browse, or aren’t sure how to ask their question. Auto- Detect determines the best search mode to use based on the way the way the query was written, taking the burden off of the end user and improving their match results.

  • e-FAQ captures all questions asked and provides data analysis capabilities for quick processing and “harvesting” of issues. Once customer questions are captured, e-FAQ allows these to be quickly turned into new content, thus immediately improving service.

Finally an innovative approach to your eService requirements

  • e-FAQ can process over a million queries a day, making it faster than many alternative solutions.

  • One or many e-FAQ servers can host multiple FAQs and thousands of entries. Internal users and groups can be granted access to manage specific FAQs, enabling organizations to use e-FAQ in multiple departments, divisions, and business units. Each area can manage their own content without compromising security.

  • e-FAQ supports all standard languages, including Japanese and Chinese. Unlike some products, e-FAQ does not automatically translate queries, which can introduce inaccuracy into matching. Instead it matches on strings, stems and synonyms in the original language of the query.

  • e-FAQ allows you to track activities via web-based reports; including, usage history, entry ranking, and “no results” queries, so you know what is on your customers’ minds, as well as, ensuring the content in e-FAQ’s Knowledge Manager is where it needs to be- Delivering quality customer service.

  • e-FAQ offers a complete service offering unmatched in the industry. Some or our competitors sound as if they handle phone calls, but in reality they only handle email and web chat, resulting in multiple systems and fragmented reports. Users are forced to switch between multiple applications to perform simple operations, such as looking up information for a customer on the phone.

  • e-FAQ’s intuitive authoring interface significantly reduces content creation costs, unlike many traditional knowledge management solutions. With the WYSIWYG editor, e-FAQ eliminates the need for any programming, HTML or XML skills and enables managers to spread authoring tasks among a larger group. The result: teams can publish approved content more quickly, thereby reducing their TCO.

Faster Return on Investment and hard dollar savings

  • e-FAQ’s reasonable price and simple installation enables organizations to offer self- service and knowledge management with a quicker ROI than with traditional, complex knowledge management products.
  • Because of e-FAQ’s easy to use interface, Auto-Detect search mode, and easy accessibility via the web, e-FAQ offers greater ROI by increasing user adoption rates.

  • e-FAQ is used by customers such as Caesar’s Entertainment to offload agent time from simplistic inquiries with an 85% success rate. Their return on investment was realized in 2 weeks.

  • By using e-FAQ, SPS Commerce has been able to reduce their new agent training, which dropped from 3 1⁄2 weeks to one week, resulting in cost savings of about $20,000 over an eight-month period.

  • Integrated with CIC, e-FAQ provides auto-suggestion answers for ACD-routed e-mail, saving significant time on each e-mail interaction.

Interactive Intelligence was the first universal queue to offer a pre-integrated knowledge management system and with experience in multi-channel customer interaction, Interactive Intelligence offers an experienced services environment that understands the complexities of integrated systems. With e-FAQ, you are able to leverage eService by improving customer satisfaction, handling multi-channel interactions consistently, reducing contact center head count, and automating appropriate inquiries, all while increasing your revenue.

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