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CPI's Most Popular Interactive Intelligence Blog Posts from 2011

CPI's ININ TechUpdate | 11/17/2011

6 Key Developments to Expect in ININ CIC 4.0 - We'd like to share highlights from our experts who attended this year's ININ Partner Conference in San Antonio, TX. Read more to find out where the platform is headed.

Interactive Intelligence Releases SU 13

CPI's ININ TechUpdate | 10/20/2011

Interaction Center 3.0 Service Update 13 was released about three weeks ago and includes a number of interesting enhancements along with a multitude of bug fixes. Here are a few of the highlights:

ININ CIC version FOUR.0 (When can I have it?)

CPI's ININ TechUpdate | 9/15/2011

The ININ tech community is all a buzz about the imminent release of version 4.0 (which we believe will happen early to-mid-4th quarter)

Back to School... in ININ Style.

CPI's ININ TechUpdate | 8/18/2011

The Interaction Center platform includes a whole library of great "textbooks" that we highly recommend.

Avoid Unintended Consequences: Coaching for ININ Power Users

CPI's ININ TechUpdate | 7/21/2011

While the Interactive Intelligence solution is very powerful, care must be taken when configuring these options to avoid "unintended consequences."

Manage Call Flow Scheduling in Interaction Center

CPI's ININ TechUpdate | 6/16/2011

In the Interaction Center platform, there are a number of reasons this might happen, but one of the most common is a schedule misconfiguration.

CIC 2.4 Will Reach End-of-Life On June 26

CPI's ININ TechUpdate | 5/19/2011

According to ININ, after the full support period, Interactive will provide Limited support to a customer for a period of 2 years.

Interaction Center 3.0 SU (Service Update) 11 just released by Interactive Intelligence

CPI's ININ TechUpdate | 4/21/2011

It has been nearly a year since Interactive Intelligence has release a significant set of new features for their flagship product, the Customer Interaction Center version 3.0.

What to Expect in Interaction Center Service Update 11

CPI's ININ TechUpdate | 3-17-2011

Service Update 11 for Interaction Center is coming soon! Many customers have been expectantly waiting for new features since Service Update 10 was a new patch target and a fix-only release.

Get on the List for the Pre-Release of CPI's NEW Interaction Supervisor "Did You Know" Video Training Series

CPI's ININ TechUpdate | 2/17/2011

This video training series covers everything from creating and customizing your dashboard to seeing precisely what your agents are doing in you call center.

Is your ININ System Ready for the New Toll Free Number?

CPI's ININ TechUpdate | 1/20/11

In most cases, an Interaction Center system will already have this area code in the toll free managed number list. To be sure that calls are classified and allowed, check this list to verify that it is correct and complete:

An ININ New Years Resolution That Could Save You Thou$ands

CPI's ININ TechUpdate | 12/16/2010

David Currier recently started a video series that will help Interaction Attendant users troubleshoot Interaction Attendant more efficiently and effectively

Learn how to get Temporary Interactive Intelligence Development Licensing... FREE.

CPI's ININ TechUpdate | 11/18/2010

Development licenses are FREE and can be obtained from your ININ partner.

6 Key Developments to Expect in Interactive Intelligence CIC 4.0

CPI's ININ TechUpdate | 10/21/2010

We learned a great deal about the upcoming release of 4.0 at this year’s Interactive Intelligence partner conference.

Adding Context to Transferred Calls / Using Monitored Appearances

CPI's ININ TechUpdate | 9/23/2010

Teach your ININ users a simple way to add context to transferred calls by changing the Caller Name on a Transfer.

Windows 7 Support / Virtualization Update

CPI's ININ TechUpdate | 8/19/2010

Server virtualization has recently been a hot topic and Interactive Intelligence has been working to support virtualization for a number of its server applications:

Critical Issue Identified with Encrypted Recordings

CPI's ININ TechUpdate | 7/22/2010

Interactive Intelligence has identified a critical recording encryption issue that may affect sites running Interaction Client IC 3.0 SU8 or earlier.