Interactive Intelligence Products

One intelligent platform, proven solutions for IP business communications, from one vendor. Interactive Intelligence.

For the contact center as well as the enterprise — and for virtually any industry including insurance, banking, credit unions and accounts receivable management, government, and outsourcers — our standards-based IP platform unifies every aspect of your business. Manage multimedia interactions, automate business and service processes, mobilize your workforce. Reliably. And securely. You even integrate more broadly to the business systems and end-user devices you need.



Customer Interaction Center - a Contact Center Platform by Interactive Intelligence

Powerful All-In-One SIP and IP Communication Platform

Increase the efficiency of your call center agents and supervisors with an all-in-one Customer Interaction Center platform by Interactive Intelligence.

Interaction Process Automation by Interactive Intelligence

Get Work Done...Fast

Automatically prioritize and route work to qualified, available workers with Interaction Intelligence’s Interaction Process Automation.

Interaction Analyzer by Interactive Intelligence

One solution for real-time Contact Center keyword and phrasespotting, recording, supervisory monitoring,and threshold alerts

Interaction Analyzer provides a cost effective solution that puts intelligent realtime speech analytics within the reach of any contact center or enterprise. The Interaction Analyzer application is built as part of the Interactive Intelligence Customer Interaction Center® (CIC) all-in-one suite of products, which makes it quick and easy to deploy leveraging the CIC architecture.

Interaction Dialer by Interactive Intelligence

Sip-Based Outbound & Blended Predictive Dialer

Interaction Dialer pre-integrates to the Interactive Intelligence Customer Interaction Center® (CIC) contact center platform from Interactive Intelligence for predictive dialing versatility as well as unmatched performance.

Interaction Director by Interactive Intelligence

Intelligent Multi-Site Call Routing Solution

In one seamless solution, Interaction Director communicates in real- time to all registered CIC servers, gathers data relevant to queues, users, workgroups, skills, etc.

Interaction Feedback by Interactive Intelligence

Intelligent Customer Feedback Management

Interaction Feedback lets you create and manage post-call surveys that invite a customer’s view of your organization and service as a whole.

Interaction Recorder by Interactive Intelligence

Multimedia recording, screen recording, scoring, storage and file management in one complete solution

Interaction Recorder lets you simplify quality assessment processes using its innovative scoring features, and facilitate score measurement and compliance practices for agents and teams with its out-of-the-box reports.

Interaction Optimizer by Interactive Intelligence

All-In-One Workforce Management Software

By leveraging CIC’s multimedia platform and historical ACD data, Interaction Optimizer generates forecasts based on specified dates, media type, skill sets, and configurable time units — functionality that WFM product integrations from separate vendors can’t achieve.

Interaction Tracker 4.0 by Interactive Intelligence

Know more about your customers to deliver service that earns their loyalty and wins more business

Interaction Tracker 4.0 is an intelligent solution to track individuals, contact information and interactions more precisely — and ensure that every person in your company has exactly what they need to make each customer know they’re important.

Interaction Web Portal by Interactive Intelligence

Interaction Web Portal (IWP) seamlessly integrates with the Interactive Intelligence Customer Interaction Center® (CIC) to give decision-makers an open window into the CIC system and every detail of their business and customer service operations.

With IWP, stakeholders outside the contact center are able to view nearreal time statistics, pull historical reports, hear live agent calls, and listen to streaming call recordings — all of which can be done anytime, anywhere, using secure web access.

Interaction Conference by Interactive Intelligence

Affordable, Premise-Based Conferencing Solution

No more high cost outsourced conferencing! Interaction Conference is a viable option for an enterprise of any size—an Interactive Intelligence solution.

Interaction Gateway by Interactive Intelligence

Single-Vendor SIP Capability

Implement a fully-integrated SIP solution for IP communications from ONE vendor using Interactive Intelligence Interaction Gateway.

Interaction Monitor by Interactive Intelligence

Remote Monitoring for Interaction Center Solutions

Interaction Monitor goes on to ensure optimum, ongoing performance from your Interactive Intelligence solution by ensuring services continuity, even when your IT staff is off the clock.

e-FAQ by Interactive Intelligence

One easy-to-use solution for Web Self-Service, E-mail Response Management and Knowledge Management

Simplify your knowledge management, email response management and web self-service processes with e-FAQ. A solution of Interactive Intelligence.