Interactive Intelligence Business Process Automation

Communications-Based Process Automation… a new approach

When the goal is to make processes more efficient, the approach generally involves some form of business process management or business process improvement. An organization might also turn to business process automation, although it can fall short when processes are multifaceted and reach across an enterprise.

Communications-Based Process Automation (CBPA) provides a more complete and far-reaching foundation for improving processes. In blending people and work together with greater precision, CBPA applies the unified communications technologies and practices that contact centers use to speed processes for interaction management and customer service. To the same degree for business processes, CBPA positions companies to accomplish more, in less time.

  • Intelligent queuing and routing – Prioritize and deliver work to the right persons in the organization.
  • Presence – Determine a person’s availability, in real-time, to deliver work.
  • Workforce management (WFM) – Ensure sufficient personnel to handle expected workloads, using demand forecasting and scheduling.
  • Recording – Record and review communications (calls, chats, emails, faxes) between parties within a business process, especially for guideline adherence and compliance.
  • Real‐time monitoring – Managers and executives get real-time visibility into every step of a work process, including statistics, alerts to errors and delays, and the ability to “coach” employees through processes as needed.
  • Voice over IP (VoIP) – Involve employees in businesses processes from anywhere in the world over Internet-based VoIP networks, which provide complete location-independence.
  • Content management – A complete solution for document management, imaging, and workflow processes that are frequently central to overall business processes.

Interaction Process Automation™
Interaction Process Automation (IPA) from Interactive Intelligence is a ground-breaking solution for CBPA, and is built entirely on the IP-based Customer Interaction Center™ (CIC) software deployed in thousands of contact centers around the world.

With CIC providing a proven unified communications platform, IPA goes beyond simply “enabling” communications within applications or business process management suites. Instead, IPA becomes the process automation platform for the company — orchestrating processes across people, departments, and your existing core business applications.

The hard ROI of CBPA
IPA and Communications-Based Process Automation lead to a hard return on investment for your business through key measureable benchmarks. Among them:

  • Reduced operational costs by decreasing the number of employees and amount of time involved in a given business process, and by minimizing process latency and human error.
  • Faster process completion by keeping processes moving, on schedule, and visible at all times.IPA also keeps all parties in continuous contact with its communications-based platform.
  • Process automation enterprise wide for simple processes (time off requests, approvals, information gathering, etc.), as well as for more complex processes (claims processing, order fulfillment, patient scheduling, etc.). Traditional business process automation and management solutions typically tackle only a portion of your company’s overall process automation needs.