Interaction Recorder by Interactive Intelligence

Multimedia recording, screen recording, scoring, storage and file management in one complete solution

Improving agent performance and customer service is best achieved by recording interactions with your customers. Mandates in regulated industries such as healthcare and financial services also require stringent recording practices for compliance.

Interaction Recorder lets you simplify quality assessment processes using its innovative scoring features, and facilitate score measurement and compliance practices for agents and teams with its out-of-the-box reports. Organizations can also streamline file management for large recording volumes with Recorder’s intuitive categorization and quick retrieval capabilities.

Interaction Recorder seamlessly integrates with the Interactive Intelligence Customer Interaction Center® (CIC) for unequalled multimedia recording, quality assessment control, and archiving — all in one unified application developed on a non-blocking architecture.

Because Interaction Recorder is a built-in function of CIC’s core Interaction Center Platform® technology, enabling the Recorder solution requires only simple licensing. Configuring Interaction Recorder settings and users is just as easy in CIC’s single administration interface, which eliminates the dual administration issues of proprietary recording systems.

For every aspect of contact center recording

Dispute resolution. Recorded interaction details and reports help resolve customer disputes, and also provide evidence in regulatory compliance situations to protect against potential fines and legal costs.

New agent training. Supplement training programs both for in-center and remote agents using screen recordings and easily distributed call recordings. Recorded interactions expose new agents to the “right” and “wrong” ways to handle interactions.

Agent improvement training. Use call and screen recordings to emphasize best practices for even the most experienced agents.

Process improvement. Determine ways to better manage agents and interaction processes. Recordings also provide benchmarks for improving agent skill sets and how skills apply to various interaction types.

Key Features

Rule-based recording

  • Quick-pick rule properties to establish clear and precise recording protocols
  • Set rules for date range, day of the week • Set by entity, workgroup, role or individual

Screen recording

  • Capture audio and user’s on-screen view, even in a multiple monitor environment

Multimedia recording

  • Record inbound and outbound calls—as well as web chats, emails and faxes
  • Capture complete details for each media type
  • Use audio playback plus attributes such as date, time, and call direction for call recordings
  • Archive chat transcripts, fax messages and full disclosure of incoming/outgoing emails


  • Archive unlimited number of recording files 
  • User defined conditions for folder storage, no time-consuming batch downloads
  • Immediately and automatically store new recording files in appropriate folder

Integrated scoring

  • Wizard-driven scorecards to assess agent/employee performance
  • Create and customize questionnaires
  • Extremely flexible choices for question type, importance, question weighting, and commenting
  • Automatically calculate running score including Critical vs. Non-Critical scores


  • Encryption of interaction recordings
  • MD5 file verification detection for any changes made to a recording
  • User-based rights-protection for authorized individuals and groups