Interaction Optimizer by Interactive Intelligence

All-In-One Workforce Management Software

Interaction Optimizer brings innovation and workforce management together as the core component of Interactive Intelligence’s WFM solution for small to large-sized contact centers. Seamlessly integrate the Interaction Optimizer application module with the Customer Interaction Center® (CIC) IP contact center platform, and the benefits reach beyond simple forecasting and scheduling.

Improve agent effectiveness and satisfaction. Make any agent workforce inherently more effective with Interaction Optimizer’s intelligent forecasting, scheduling and real-time adherence. Also maximize service levels by ensuring adherence to assigned shifts and company goals. Optimizer’s easy scheduling submissions even raise job satisfaction levels among agents, and keep supervisors content by eliminating confusing spreadsheets and multiple last-minute scheduling changes.

Generate more accurate forecasts via historical ACD data.
By leveraging CIC’s multimedia platform and historical ACD data, Interaction Optimizer generates forecasts based on specified dates, media type, skill sets, and configurable time units — functionality that WFM product integrations from separate vendors can’t achieve.

Enhance scheduling and adherence. Along with combining historical data and projections for more accurate forecasts and scheduling, Interaction Optimizer weighs agents’ time-off requests and schedule changes to balance anticipated interaction demands with agent skills and preferences. Thereafter, Interaction Optimizer communicates real-time adherence that lets supervisors ensure consistent, quality service levels at all times.

Fully integrate to CIC and centralize administration, no third-party integration required. Interaction Optimizer’s robust functionality eliminates the need for third-party integrations, upgrades and prolonged implementation times. Coming from Interactive Intelligence, Interaction Optimizer provides a common interface with the CIC system’s Interaction Administrator® and Interaction SupervisorTM applications for a single support center that lowers the total cost of ownership over similar solutions.

Key Features


  • Leverages CIC’s historical ACD data to make forecasting a seamless process
  • Anticipates interaction volumes for phone, email, web chat
  • Assigns optimal headcount to manage given forecasts and assists HR in agent planning, from 25 agents to thousands


  • Generates agent schedules that accommodate vacation time, schedule changes and variances, labor/union laws, employee availability and skill matching
  • Simplifies scheduling process for administration; identifies shortages and overages in demand • Improves employee/administration satisfaction with scheduling flexibility and “what-if” scenario capabilities

Real-time adherence

  • Monitors agents’ adherence to schedule at all times
  • Provides proactive control and feedback mechanism
  • Eases service level monitoring via on-demand recording feature (optionally available)


Get a clear picture of interaction volumes

  • Interaction Optimizer forecasts interaction volumes and the headcount required to meet them

Use the Interaction Optimizer solution to track historical patterns, determine future interaction volumes, and schedule headcounts accordingly to meet demands.

Powerful multimedia contact center forecasting. In supporting phone as well as email and chat volume, Interaction Optimizer provides an intuitive, easy-to-use mechanism to anticipate phone calls, emails and chats—allowing contact centers to deliver interactions to the right agents with the right skills the first time.


Manually scheduling agents is a waste of time

  • Let Interaction Optimizer do it for you

Interaction Optimizer eases scheduling so administrators can focus more closely on profit-driving contact center operations and optimizing their agents’ effectiveness. The Interaction Optimizer module lets you generate schedules while accommodating the following constraints by day, week, month and/or agent.

  • Vacation time 
  • Schedule changes and variances 
  • Labor/union laws 
  • Employee availability 
  • Agent skill matching

Flexible “what-if” scenarios for better scheduling. Use a volume and headcount forecast to determine the schedule based on requirements and constraints in your environment. Instantly identify your shortages and overages in demand. Using Interaction Optimizer results in higher employee and administration satisfaction due to its flexibility and “what-if” scenario capabilities.

Real-time adherence

View agent and schedule information... instantly!

  • Interaction Optimizer is the window to your contact center

Contact center administrators gain more control over schedules when they can readily access adherence questions and scheduling discrepancies. Interaction Optimizer’s Real Time Adherence (RTA) module simply completes the Workforce Management solution.

Interaction Supervisor for real-time monitoring
Along with instant access to a published schedule’s real-time status, Interaction Optimizer’s integrated Interaction Supervisor plug-in drives immediate feedback, proactive contact center management and assessments of agent performance throughout the month.