Interaction Monitor by Interactive Intelligence

Remote Monitoring for Interaction Center Solutions

Interaction Monitor goes on to ensure optimum, ongoing performance from your Interactive Intelligence solution by ensuring services continuity, even when your IT staff is off the clock.

Remote system monitoring and remote management/support administration.
Interaction Monitor provides a single console to manage Interaction Center (IC) servers by viewing event logs, pulling IC logs, checking system health and so on. For Interactive Intelligence customers and Partners alike, Interaction Monitor makes it easy to adjust tracing levels for any IC server, with no need to log in to multiple services.

That way, you’re notified of issues before end-users experience system issues, leading to much quicker problem resolution. Also by automating support processes, Interaction Monitor saves critical time for IT staff, and enables you to operate your IC systems more effectively.


Remote monitoring

  • Fully automated, proactive system monitoring - 24/7
  • Monitors for errors, warnings, failures
  • Automated notifications via email, based on event criticality
  • Monitored devices:
    • IC servers 
    • Interaction Gateways, generation 1 & 2 (Gen1, Gen 2)
    • Interaction SIP Proxy
    • Interaction Media Server
    • AudioCodes MediantTM gateways 
    • Other third-party gateways
    • Generic devices
  • Alerts based on activity happening in real-time, when using SNMP GETS, SNMP Traps, Pings, SIP Options messages
    • IC Monitoring
      • Supervisor System Stats ranges/regex
      • Subsystem Status changes
      • Specific Event Viewer messages
  • Gateways (Gen2/Mediant) via SNMP
    • Channel-specific errors and state changes
    • Configurable ranges (heat, voltage, # of available channels, etc)
  • Media Server/SIP Proxy Remote management/remote support administration

Remote management/remote support administration

  • One-stop shop for remote system management
  • Automate day-to-day support administration
  • Automate log retrieval process
  • Remote access to multiple systems/devices from a single application
  • One environment to automate labor intensive system management activities
  • Customer Interaction Center® (CIC) server
    • Event log viewing
    • Stop/restart/start subsystems
    • Setting tracing levels
    • Automatic log retrieval
    • Capture sys infos
    • System stats from StatWatcher (Supervisor)
  • Gen1\Gen2 Gateway\Media Server\SIP Prox

Additional features

  • Interaction Monitor client to manage numerous devices through one interface
  • Automated customer notification via the web • User authentication, restricting users to monitor only those devices forwhich they have privileges
  • Auto update functionality
  • Device selection capability, allowing the ability to manage/monitor only those devices a user selects


Remote monitoring

  • Proactively monitor your IC system for failures, issues, potential issues, etc.
  • Reduce risk by uncovering problems before end users do
  • Receive proactive alerts to issues before end users experience them
  • Free up IT resources from manually monitoring the IC system – Interaction Monitor automatically performs system health checksand reports them back to you
  • Engage Global Support Services from Interactive Intelligence earlier in the issue resolution process

Remote management/remote support administration

  • Resolve issues more quickly, and accurately
  • Reduce your support burden by automating manual processes 
  • Manage your IC system and devices more effectively, and make the troubleshooting process more efficient
    • Quickly log in for a bird’s eye view of all systems you manage
    • Save dozens of support maintenance hours each month
  • Adhere to Interactive Intelligence best practices more easily and consistently
  • Resolve issues faster with remote management, which allows you to easily set tracing levels and collect logs for troubleshooting