Interaction Gateway by Interactive Intelligence

Single-Vendor SIP Capability

Interaction Gateway provides a powerful gateway for SIP when integrated with the Interactive Intelligence Customer Interaction Center® (CIC) IP platform for contact center automation and enterprise IP telephony or with Interaction Dialer® (2.4 or higher) for SIP-based outbound predictive dialing.

The Interaction Gateway appliance also allows contact centers and businesses to do something most gateways don’t: Implement a fully-integrated SIP solution for IP communications from ONE vendor. Whether a CIC or CIC/Interaction Dialer configuration, Interaction Gateway instantly enhances special dial plan routing, redundancy and load balancing across your “IC” platform.

International protocol support

Interaction Gateway provides digital trunk support for T1/ISDN (NI2, 4ESS, 5ESS, DMS, QSIG ECMA), T1/CAS, and E1/EuroISDN.

SIP capability for Interaction Dialer

When configured with CIC and Interaction Dialer 2.4 or higher, Interaction Gateway allows teleservices firms and businesses offering blended inbound/outbound dialing services to:

Perform advanced call analysis for outbound dialing needs.
In a SIP station’s live-side configuration, Interaction Gateway leverages Interactive Intelligence’s telephony infrastructure expertise to differentiate between a live caller, an answering machine, a fax machine, a busy signal or any other call detection situation, including differentiating Special Instruction Tones (SIT) tones.

Handle the high-volume outbound capacities of Interaction Dialer servers.
Interaction Dialer is designed for greater trunking needs and scalability with its NxM “rack and stack” architecture. The Interaction Gateway appliance also is designed in line with Interactive Intelligence’s SIP-based software approach and made especially for the Interaction Dialer application. Because Interaction Dialer and Interaction Gateway integrate directly to CIC, call campaign and system performance monitoring is centralized in CIC’s single administration environment.

Install Interaction Gateway quickly and easily using a plug-in network connection and simplified deployment tool that runs from a USB key. Or if using DHCP, simply plug in the Interaction Gateway and discover the assigned IP address on the LCD screen. Once installed, Interaction Gateway’s browser- based environment allows administrators to:

  • Configure call routes = intelligent mapping similar to dial plan/proxy
  • Continuously monitor system performance
  • Load and apply Interactive Intelligence Service Updates (SUs)
  • Perform simple log retrieval via FTP

Key Features

Digital trunk-to-SIP conversion 

Available in 4-span and 8-span models

Fully integrates to the Customer Interaction Center IP platform
  • Easy to set up
  • Web-based configuration
  • Special dial plan routing
  • A complete single-vendor solution

Flexible NxM architecture deployment for:

  • High scalability, load balancing and fault tolerance 
  • Increased redundancy and reliability

High call volume capacity via outbound Interaction Dialer servers

  • Advanced call analysis for outbound dialing Fax relay support
  • Fax transmissions to and from the PSTN (via 7.38)