Interaction Feedback by Interactive Intelligence

Intelligent Customer Feedback Management

Measuring customer satisfaction is critical to determining a customer’s relationship with your business — to reduce attrition, build your brand and improve profitability. Such measurements, however, require capturing the voice of your customers first.

Interaction Feedback lets you create and manage post-call surveys that invite a customer’s view of your organization and service as a whole. By merging survey results with operational data from your contact center, information becomes a more powerful tool to measure satisfaction and pinpoint key satisfaction drivers for improvement at the same time.

Simply license the Interaction Feedback module to the all-in-one Customer Interaction Center® (CIC) platform and application suite — no third-party integration required — and Interaction Feedback delivers the missing piece of your business performance management puzzle: The customer perception.

Simplify the survey process. Create and activate surveys using Interaction Feedback’s wizard-guided approach, which eliminates the need for technical expertise and complex programming. Then automate survey invitations and let customers “opt-in” for simple, cost-effective survey delivery following an interaction. No agent involvement is ever required.

Access survey results quickly. Review completed survey results immediately to assess the impact of an interaction on a survey score. To listen to the interaction itself, access and play call recordings just as quickly via the integrated Interaction Recorder® application. No need to mine data and recording files from different systems.

Compare external/internal service perceptions. Identify service gaps and formulate improvements to ensure customer retention. Interaction Feedback enables your business to better determine the cause of a high or low satisfaction score, support consistent ranking calibration between performance improvement and customer satisfaction, and align quality management and coaching to the customer perspective.

Key Features

Rules-based survey delivery
Specify intelligent rule logic for each survey to determine which calls receive a survey invitation

  • Frequency (every nth call)
  • Maximum number of surveys offered per day
  • Calls to a number (DNIS) / Calls from a number (ANI) – By workgroup – By custom attribute – By chronological segments (time/date range; day of the week/month)

Transfer callers to surveys automatically

  • Offer automated invitation and “opt-in” to participate
  • No agent/employee involvement or awareness that a survey is taking place

Remove agents and employees from the survey decision process 

  • Reduce influence on surveys
  • Achieve more accurate, unbiased information

Real-time monitoring via Interaction Supervisor

  • Monitor number of surveys in process, completed, abandoned or alerting
  • Configure and receive alerts for survey scores that fall below pre-set thresholds
  • Prompt proactive intervention to address customer issues

Reporting capabilities via Interaction Supervisor

  • Survey results summary and detail information
  • External (survey) and internal (quality ) score comparison 
  • Satisfaction rankings by agent (user)
  • Satisfaction trends over time

Proven survey questions & design

Take the guesswork out of survey design with CFI Group’s proven ACSI-compliant surveys

  • Ask the right survey questions based on what you want to measure
  • Identify “drivers” of satisfaction
  • Optimized wording, industry proven
  • Pre-recorded question prompts already included