Interaction Director by Interactive Intelligence

Intelligent Multi-Site Call Routing Solution

Interaction Director is a pre-integrated application for the Customer Interaction Center® (CIC) IP contact center platform that allows multi-site contact centers to become a single virtual operation.

In one seamless solution, Interaction Director communicates in real- time to all registered CIC servers, gathers data relevant to queues, users, workgroups, skills, etc., and stores it for quick access to make routing decisions automatically. Because for a distributed contact center, the idea is to handle a customer’s interaction promptly and skillfully, no matter where a first available agent is working.

Make wait times a thing of the past
The first step toward meeting a customer’s expectations is presenting your multi-site business as a single entity. The second step is to make extended wait times a thing of the past. Interaction Director does everything you need to achieve both objectives.

Route multimedia interactions consistently. Because CIC processes calls, emails and faxes alike, Interaction Director routes each media type just as consistently to any site.

Avoid overloads to meet service level goals. Avoid overloads at any one site and route an interaction to the first available agent to handle it promptly and skillfully, regardless of location. Idle agents are no longer a problem either.

Increase customer satisfaction by smoothing bumps and spikes. Handle bumps in inbound volume that commonly occur at the beginning of a week — along with spikes such as bad weather — by spreading volume across all centers.

Route other types of work. Leverage CIC’s multimedia ACD to route CRM trouble tickets, order system verifications and other generic media via Interaction Director, which balances follow-on tasks as well as interaction volumes.

Reduce agent costs and turnover. With no effective way to distribute overloads across sites, multi-site centers absorb heavier costs by staffing each site to handle peak volumes. They also experience lower agent effectiveness, higher turnover, and the exorbitant costs of training new agents. So why not just level the interaction loads for all agents and increase retention instead?

Key Features

Intelligent load balancing
Scale your organization to greater size, configure workgroups for overflows based on interaction load and create enterprise groups to span sites, configure routing rules to define overflow handling best site/agent routing, etc.

Flexible multimedia routing
Route emails and faxes as well as phone calls. Route generic media such as trouble tickets and order system verifications, etc. Route calls according to agents skills and incorporate same rules for pre-call and post-call routing.

Pre-integrate to CIC
Deploy directly into a new or existing CIC contact center environment and share CIC’s configuration and customization environment to minimize administration and IT costs. Leverage CIC’s standards-based architecture (SIP, etc.) for multi-site routing configurations.

Central administration
Reduce administration time and complexity and reduce costs with a single-vendor software solution.

Real-time supervisor views
Utilize Workgroup Summary, Agent Detail View, Interaction Summary, Interaction Detail View and Route Detail View for full-time/real-time workgroup/agent management.

System features
Interaction Director and Customer Interaction Center (CIC) come down to a pre-integrated software architecture for multimedia routing to distributed contact centers. By doing so, the Interaction Director/CIC solution simplifies implementation and administration, yet also adds open standards flexibility and disaster recovery dependability to the multi-site routing process.