Interaction Dialer by Interactive Intelligence

Sip-Based Outbound & Blended Predictive Dialer

Teleservices, collections, telemarketing, fundraising and compliance, no matter your need for a dialer, it has to perform. And with outbound dialing for one campaign and blended inbound/ outbound capability for others, it has to be versatile. But most of all, a predictive dialing solution must constantly prove its worth, as in helping your business generate revenues and better manage relationships with customers.

Interaction Dialer pre-integrates to the Interactive Intelligence Customer Interaction Center® (CIC) contact center platform from Interactive Intelligence for predictive dialing versatility as well as unmatched performance.

Build goal-oriented outbound campaigns. Target distinct customer groups and specific times of the day or week, without forcing agents to log in to and out of individual campaigns.

Blend outbound and inbound call activities. Optimize agent resources and elevate productivity.

Support campaigns without agents. Play messages, automatically gather customer input, or connect called parties to agents... you decide how each type of call should get treated before the call is actually placed.

Conduct outbound campaigns in a pure SIP-based “all- software” VoIP environment (optional). Deploy the Interaction Gateway® network appliance or other certified third-party SIP gateway for digital trunk-to-SIP conversion in the CIC/Interaction Dialer solution as part of your overall VoIP strategy.

Scale campaigns. Utilize hundreds of agents at one site or thousands across multiple locations, including remote agents.
More effectively utilize agents. Leverage Interaction Dialer’s patented predictive algorithm to keep agent productivity high and idle time low.

Comply with regulations. Manage abandon rates, issue appropriate caller IDs, log data to prove compliance, play safe harbor messages, prevent dialing restricted numbers, and more.

Monitor campaigns in real-time, and analyze after-the-fact. Configure tabular and graphical views in Interaction SupervisorTM, each containing more than150 statistics to manage the CIC/Interaction Dialer solution in real-time.